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    My mom, who just turned 76, was diagnosed with bile duct cancer in mid March of this year. She had extreme stomach pain and visited the ER in Honolulu 2x. Both times, they did not admit her but sent her home with pain killers. They did some tests and according to the doctors, “saw something in her bile ducts”. They needed to do more testing for which we had to wait.

    After 1.5 weeks passed and no appointments, my mom’s doctor gave her the ok to travel to Taiwan, a trip she had planned months ahead. She was in extreme pain and checked into the hospital after landing. Tests were done immediately and they informed us about her cancer.

    She was accepted to a clinical trial that used TS1 chemo. It did great and shrunk her tumors by over 30%, however, her CT last week showed a new growth and that TS1 is no longer working. The doctors recommended her for another clinical trial “Varlitinib ASLAN001).

    I flew to Taiwan to be help and been reading posts and studies about this awful disease.

    Anyone heard about this ASLAN001 clinical trial? how about anything back in the US that would work better?

    From what I’ve read and been told, cholangiocarcinoma is 10x higher in Asia than in the US but that does not mean the medical treatments here are better than US?

    Would appreciate any help or suggestions.

    Thanks, Nancy

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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