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    Thank you all for your responses. It sounds like this is very common.

    Thanks again!
    Amy :)


    Hi Amy, I too had a hernia approximately 2 months post surgery. I actually felt the pop when it happened. I was stbborn and wore a 4 inche wide belt for about one year and just covered it with my t-shirt. It then starting working downward and I had surgery. About 4 inch incision and a mesch put in. It was a same day surgery with no complications and was sent home with a medtronic pain pump which Insurance company refused to pay for but hospital absorbed the cost as it wasn’t something I needed and they didn’t get pre-approval. Hope your Mom is feeling better now. God Bless You Both.
    Jeff G.


    Hello Amy,

    My husband also had a hernia following bile duct surgery. We believe him to have strained his abdomen within two days post-surgery, causing his intestine to kink, thus not allowing any food to be digested. In his case, it was a fairly simple procedure and he recovered quickly.

    My best to you and your Mom



    my dad has a hernia following a liver resection. Unfortuantly it cannot be repaired (he has had 2 major abdominal surgeries). He wears a surgical belt which has been made to fit. Surgery and insertion of a wire mesh inside the abdominal wall is an option for some patients. Depending on the type of hernia if possible look into getting it repaired with a keyhole technique of surgery to minimise on healing time and invasiveness as you may want to be considering adjuvant chemo/alternative treatment and wound healing can delay this stage. You should try to speak to a surgeon specialising in hernia repair with considerable experience.

    good luck, Jules



    My mom had the liver resection surgery in November 2006. She now has about a 6 in hernia close to her incision. The surgeon said that it is very common. I have seen a couple of posts from others who mention having hernias after surgery. Can anyone tell me what is done to correct that? I know that she will have to have a surgery for it, but we don’t know quite what to expect.

    Thank you,

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