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    Thank you for your support and ideas, I will definitely get a binder since it sticks out and it does hurt. The raw diet is going well, still juicing for breakfast and raw for lunch..I eat cooked things for dinner but vegan items…..I have fallen off the wagon several times….do you think valentines jellybeans are a raw food ? If not they should be…hehehe


    Hi Lisa –
    Sorry to hear of this latest development. Is this a common side effect?


    p.s. how’s the raw diet going?


    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for your post. My wife also has incisional hernia. We don’t know when exactly she developed it. It really became prominent about a month after she finished radiation treatments. Given your post, I think we too will blame it on radiation.

    Our surgeon said the same thing. No rush to repair hernia, as long as it doesn’t cause any pain. My wife wears an abdominal binder to keep hernia in check. Basic model around the house, on top of her regular clothes. When she goes out, she wears this one under the clothes:


    If you want to get one, note that their size table runs too small. My wife had to go one size up. Buy one from Amazon if they have your size. They don’t charge restocking fee if you return.

    Our surgeon wrote a letter for the insurance company. Still waiting for our claim to be processed.


    Lisa, just a shout out that Teddy also developed hernias along the scar line. The Docs told us to leave them alone. Comes with the territory, I guess. They really didn’t bother him except that it looked like he had inserted his golf balls along the pathway. You have a right to be frustrated, but since they are not ‘dangerous’ wear them as a badge of courage, at least that is what I told Teddy.


    Hi Everyone
    I had three steriotactic radiation treatments last week. I started to have some swelling along my resection incision site after the first treatment and more after the second and third treatment. The radiologist said that swelling is normal but I should follow up with my surgeon. We met with the surgeon and I have developed a hernia. The chemo and radiation weakened the incision site causing the hernia. At this point we are just going to let it be since my body still has a lot of healing to do and another surgery would just complicate things. My CA 19-9 levels have skyrocketed after radiation but they said that was normal since the radiation kills the cells and as they die they release toxins into the blood stream. 1350 still freaks me out !!!!!! Lisa

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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