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    CS…so sorry to be hearing about your Mom. Hernias have been discussed in other posts, on this site. If you would like to read up on it please, go to “Search Forum” on top of the page and enter “Hernia” (you don’t need “author”) and scroll to the bottom and hit “enter”. Also, fluid retention has been mentioned frequently: You will find discussions on this by entering “ascities”. Hoping so much for your Mom to find some comfort.
    My heart is with you.


    I had a liver resection after being diagnosed with CC. It’s been over one year and my energy has decreased and I’ve accepted that fact. Did she have a liver resection? I can only share my experience. Being tired is the number one complaint. The doctor did detect one small hernia in the area of my incision. In May, I experienced swelling of my feet, small veins started showing up around my ankles. My feet turn purple if I leave them to hang (like over the end of an exam table at the docs). I was not given any definite answers, except it ‘could probably” be scar tissue that caused the hernia, and poor circulation could have come from the fact I was in the hospital for one month and my hands and feet were extremely cold – where the doctors said that all my energy/blood supply was earmarked to regrowing my liver. I found putting the light compression hosiery helps my feet. I’m 58. I don’t know if age would make any difference. I bruise easily because I’m on an asperin a day. Is your Mom taking an asperin a day. I originally took 325mg, which make me bruise very easily, now I’m on 81mg a day and I still bruise but not as bad. I’ll check in later.


    My Mom is pretty much pain free, however, the doctor has put her in hospice care. She sleeps quite a bit, but then will have a burst of energy, which is great. I am afraid of having false hopes and am very watchful.
    I have not heard of anyone else having hernias – she has three and a lump on her abdomen. She also bruises very easily and gets very tired. She now has to use a walker in the house and a wheelchair if we go anywhere. Her legs have swollen from fluid retention – 38 pounds of it so far!! Anyone else had any of these experiences???/ Thank for your input – her loving daughter.

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