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    Hi Dana! I have been MIA for some time now but have decided that I must come back and give my insights to people on this board.

    My husband passed away from CC almost 2 years ago.

    I would be happy to answer any questions to the best of my ability.



    Hello Danna, welcome to the best little club in the world that no one wishes to join. We whole heartedly welcome ‘lurkers’, ha, ha. I can tell you that your attitude will get you far. Attitude is not everything it’s the only thing. You also have a whole lot of courage. I am always so upset by how many younger adults we are getting and in my feeble mind there just HAS to be some common denominator here! Sure wish I knew what it was. Good luck on everything and so glad you decided to join. Please keep us updated as we are a nosey bunch! Know that you have come to the best place!


    Hello Danna,
    I just want to welcome you and lift your spirits as you navigate this thing called CC. Youre braver than you know and won’t regret coming out of the shadows to introduce yourself to these loving, smart, supportive people here on this site. It bothers me deeply (understatement!) that you are so young and have a baby and have to fight this. My sister has CC and a 9 year old boy. She is doing quite well despite having stage 4 Intrahepatic CC. Have heard from people on this site great things about Dr Javle. With your good attitude, the joy of being a Mommy and your healthy habits, you can really make a difference in your health and well being! Tiffany is another amazing example of a young mom who has come so far managing CC and a family. Glad you’re tolerating the Gem-Cis well! One step at a time…


    Donna…welcome to our site. I am so sorry that you had to find us due to this disease but, I am thrilled to have you join in. Congratulations on your positive response to the chemo regimen. How are you handling the treatments? Tired, nauseous? What were the results of your latest scans? And, why are you planning on switching oncologists? I love your focus on healthy food however; you would want to make sure to take in plenty of protein too. Staying active is important also, but I am sure that your little one is keeping you on your toes alreay. Others will be around real soon to welcome you also (they always do) and please know that we are a tightly knit group of people with a common interest: the disease of Cholangiocarcinoma.
    Hugs to you,


    Hi. Welcome to the site and sorry you had to find us. We are about the same age. I was diagnosed at 31 with intrahepatic CC. I was fortunate to be able to have a resection. I am 33 now.

    You will get a lot of support from this board. Please keep us updated on your treatment.

    Take care!



    So I have been getting on here and reading for about 3 months now. Thought it was time to start an account. I have learned so much from reading on here! I was diagnosed with intrahepatic cc in April. So far they say no to surgery and such. I hope down the road that will change. Mine had spread all over my liver, in the lymph nodes of the first part of my stomach, at the tip of my gallbladder however I’m kind of confused about that and I don’t think it’s there anymore. I also have several small spots on my lungs, it is unknown right now if that is metastasis. I am seeing Dr. Varadhacaury at MD Anderson, however I am currently trying to switch to Dr. Javle. I am 30 yrs. old and have a 1 yr. old son who is my whole world!! I do Gemzar and Cisplatin every 2 weeks and am tolerating it well. I drink water all day long, eat lots of fruit and veggies, and try to stay away from anything out of a box or a can. Look forward to getting to know some of you :)

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