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    Yes, I am new to the site. My mother was newly diagnosed a week ago. She is 79 but looks 70 and pretty healthy overall. She is oriental.

    It was an incidental finding as she had an elevated ALT which lead to a gall bladder U/S which they thought showed a kidney stone, and then performed a CAT scan and then ultimately CAT scan with contrast. She had a referral to the Medical University of SC in Charleston. That was when we heard it was “cc”. Her tumor (5 mm) is at the portal vein so they did a MRI with contrast and we just heard that was fine and she, hopefully, is a surgical candidate. I am assuming she it is just localized to the bile duct/liver so I guess that is Stage I? She will have an ERCP on Tuesday. I’m not quite sure why though?

    I am all she has and it DEFINITELY is hard. I love her with all my heart. Your site has helped give me encouragement.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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