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    This comes up a lot on other forums I frequent. There were a lot of issues with the studies. Granted i am biased as someone targeting 250g protein every day, and well. Lets just say that avoiding meat and dairy that would be troublesome


    also, fi that’s the same study i think it is:
    There were only 113 determinable deaths in the total cohort of 6,381. That is < 2%, and hardly something significant. In the low protein cohort 10 people died of cancer. In the high protein diet 17 people died of cancer. This is around .1% and .17%. That is an "Absolute Risk Reduction" of .07% increase in cancer mortality, not the 70% suggested by the authors. And the study claimed "weight loss was controlled for" indicated the average participant had an "average 38 inch waistline and a BMI of 28 WHILE eating 1600-2000 calories a day.


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