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    Glad you are taken care off, Kristin. Is there something in the air regarding appendendectomies? My daughter has Colitis and is 5 months pregnant had an emergency appendectomy just last weekend. Sure am happy that everyone is o.k.


    Hooray!!!! A burst appendix. What great news! …if you cant tell I am laughing as I type this. :) Who thought an appendix would be good news?

    Hope you feel better soon, you tough cookie you.




    Not a fun thing, but as you said, compared to the CC, not a big deal! :) Interesting that the same thing happened to my husband, but it was back atleast 10 or 12 years before the CC. Glad you are home & taking it easy.

    Take care.



    Funny, my appendix didn’t burst, but it was inflamed and ready to come out. My sympathies!


    Just got back from a six-day adventure in the hospital. I was away from home for the weekend, started feeling stomach cramps, Monday I was still feeling lousy and drove myself home (100 mi) and went straight to bed only to go to the ER at 2 a.m. and then have a very exciting 30 mile ambulance ride and emergency surgery Tuesday. My appendix had burst on Saturday! Nobody could believe I was still running around with that, but I guess having cc makes you extra-super-tough and able to put up with things.

    The interesting part is every time I told a doctor I have cc (before the surgery) they said, oh, that’s what’s causing it and I said NO IT IS NOT!! And I was right. When they looked inside there were no additional tumors– just a lot of nasty infection.

    And isn’t it funny how having cc can make even a thing like a burst appendix and six days in the hospital seem like not such a big deal?!

    OK, I’m going back to bed… The first place I came when I went online was to check in here and see how all of you are doing.

    Blessings to all of you!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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