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    Sorry to hear this, but as everyone has said, your dad is in the best possible hands now and the hospice nurses will do everything they can to make your dad as comfortable as possible. I was there beside my dad most of time when he was in the hospice and I know how much it meant to him, and I know what it will mean to your dad to have you there beside him as well.

    That is great that your dad got his teeth cleaned, and yes, the next time he goes make sure they do it right!

    Best wishes to you and your dad,



    I think it is fabulous your dad got his teeth cleaned. Life goes on..just perhaps in a different fashion.

    Good luck with the hospice. Everyone loves it.



    Sorry to hear this, Pam, but your Father is in the best hands he could be in and with you by his side it is a wonderful combination. I chuckled at your post as I am finding out too that it is the very little things that count. Today I had to pick up my RX and Teddy said, I want to come for the ride. I was just running to the drive through window and he had to brush his teeth, comb his hair and change clothes! You will find Hospice just fabulous. They do it all.


    Pam….I congratulate you. I believe that it is so very important for your Dad to have some sort of “normality” in his life and you are doing everything to provide this for him. And, he is so right, the next teeth cleaning should include the buffing.
    Best wishes,


    My dad was enrolled in hospice today. He slept through most of the nurse’s intake speech. Then he told me later that he really wasn’t going to worry about it all. I told him I’d be there for him and everything would be okay. The funny thing is I took him this morning to get his teeth cleaned. He insisted on it! The dentist came out and asked me if everything was okay. I said no he has advanced cc. He said well I wasn’t going to ask him but he just doesn’t look well. The dentist was probably thinking, “Why are you here?” BUT it was important for my dad. My dad said, “Well she didn’t use that grainy stuff on my teeth, I think they are trying to cut back” “Then he said, well next time they are going to have to do it right!”. This was a day I needed. Seriously terminal ill loved ones can give us so much insight!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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