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    slittle1127 wrote:
    Your loving Teddy will always be yours and right now someone else can take over the caregiving and you be his love, his wife, his life.

    Dear Lainy

    Susan has taken the words out of my mouth and I’m 100% sure the nurses will love Teddy as much as we all do, he is such a special man.

    Thinking of you

    Hugs and Love



    Lainy – I have been thinking about you all day and holding you close in my heart. May special blessings be abundant in your life and may you know peace as never before. Your loving Teddy will always be yours and right now someone else can take over the caregiving and you be his love, his wife, his life. I wish I could be there with you but I know you have great support. I am here for you. Love, Susan


    You and Teddy are in my thoughts and prayers. My love and respect for the two of you is endless.



    Sending lots of prayers for you and Teddy your way. God Bless you both. I pray for a peaceful transition for Teddy.


    Lainy – I don’t think there is a good answer to this situation. My John died peacefully at home, but it was very difficult on the family. It was hard for me to be in his room after he passed and I have memories (not all good) that I cannot get out of my head. On the other hand, we were all here with him 24/7 (his Dad, his sister, his aunt, and his soul-mate, Sarah)…which in some ways made things easier. My thoughts are with you right now….you are one special lady. I can’t get you out of my head right now. Hugs – Nancy


    I am sending love, positive thoughts, and all the prayers I can muster to you and Teddy tonight, Lainy! I hope you manage to get some rest, and that Teddy has a peaceful night at the hospice. They will take great care of him!!



    Its a very emotional time,leaving home to go to the hospice and brings up all kinds of feelings for the partner.I hope it goes smoothly and when Teddy is settled in you will feel lighter and I hope the place is lovely and has relaxing places for you to sit and chill a little while Teddy is sleeping. Janet


    OK I am back home now and just about anything can start the tears flowing. For quite a while today I felt I was abandoning him as I cared for him for 5 years!
    He was quite agitated but eventually calmed down. All I keep thinking is will they keep him warm, will they give him his pain meds quickly, will they come quickly when he has to go to the bathroom, same about the oxygen, will they do it all like I did? Talk about control and anxiety!!!
    I know me and I will be better tomorrow. Thank you all for your caring and kindness! I have my daughter, Teddy’s children and all my good friends, so how come your words mean more to me? Must have something to do with all of us i the same boat. I could not get through all of this without all of you! God Bless!


    Lainy and Teddy:

    Teddy sounds just like my Tom! He’s not concerned for himself and he’s making his journey, he’s concerned for the one’s he will be leaving behind! Like Teddy, Tom worries about how I will do the things around the house like snow blowing in the winter, keeping the house in order, washing clothes, etc. I think he does not realize that I have been doing that stuff all along these past three years.

    And like Teddy, Tom has already stated that he now wants to go inpatient hospice when that time comes cause he thinks it’s not fair to me to want to be at home when the time comes.

    I wish I could give you both a great big HUG right now. So consider yourself to be ‘cyber hugged’!

    I’m certain that Teddy’s journey will be peaceful, and you are a very strong person so you will be AOK! Yes, sadness with prevail, but you have some awesome memories to help you!

    Go with God. HUGS!!!




    I am thinking of you and Teddy and hoping the move goes smoothly. Teddy does have his priorities in order, doesn’t he? :) You are a strong lady and you will be OK. Know that we are all here for you to support you and help you through this next part of the journey.

    Sending you both lots of love & hugs.



    Lainy, We will be thinking of you both as you make the transition. I know you will be giving him your undivided attention! He will have the faculty charmed. Thinking of you, Pam


    Oh Lainy, I am so sorry, but know you are making the right decision for everyone. My grandfather had a kick-ass hospice in South Florida. We arrived his second day there and it was nicer than our very nice hotel! I was so impressed with their every move.

    Love, prayers and peace,



    Dear Lainy,
    A difficult decision in deed. Our hearts go out to you. BTW, Donna asks me often for a “Teddy update”.

    I love the way that Teddy goes right to the heart of what matters – getting a movie to run on the TV. Teddy is definitely my kinda man. How sad that we didn’t meet earlier. Teddy told me that when he was in business he was “connected, if you know what I mean” so we’re all expecting he’ll have “connections” on the other side. You are such amazing folks…

    Love, Grace and Peace to you,




    Lots of prayers and comfort coming for you and Teddy today. You are a lovely wife.



    My Dearest Lainy,

    I have been thinking of you and Teddy all day. I can only imagine how hard this is going to be for you but I think Hospice is really the best place for Teddy now. It will enable you to spend the rest of your precious time together as a couple. You have been an inspiration to us all, and I pray my Mom finds the strength that you have when my Dad reaches the end of his journey. I can also imagine my Dad fussing about the TV too, when I read your quote it made me think of my parents.

    You truly are both such special people and even though we have never met I want you to know how much your advice and kind words have meant to me the last few months.

    My thoughts, prayers and love are with you, Teddy (our Miracle Man) and your wonderful family.

    Look after yourself too.

    Much love

    Andrea x

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