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    Oh Lainy I am so sorry to hear that Hospice is not doing as needed. I hope you get it straightened out today. I feel sure once you speak with the Dr. It will be made right. Take care. Prayers your way.



    OK Mamma Bear! You’ll get that Hospice facility straightened out! Hopefully today once you have rested! You are so much like me when it comes to Tom! But Teddy needs you as his Advocate now more than ever!

    I’m hoping your next post lets us know that T is being cared for in a more positive way!

    Go with God. BIG HUGS!!!!



    Dear Lainy –

    This is just not how it should be, and my heart absolutely goes out to you … Teddy should be getting whatever he needs right now to keep him as pain free and comfortable as possible – and they should know all the signs etc and deal with things accordingly.

    I hope you managed to get some rest and that your talk with the doctor has positive results.

    With love and positive thoughts for you both.

    Helen xx


    Dear Lainy

    I am so sorry, and angry, to hear that the hospice is not helping Teddy in the right way. YOU know what he needs and they should listen to you and take action.
    I hope that the meeting with the doctor goes well and that you get reassurance that they are treating him as you would be.
    Sending you hugs from across the water


    Dearest Lainy,

    I am so sorry to read your post. I pray that tomorrow is a much better day, that Teddys pain is under control and Mama Bear gets everthing sorted out.

    Keep strong

    Much love

    Andrea x


    Hi Lainy

    This is completely unacceptable – and you need Hospice to do their job right now so that you can focus only on Teddy! Can anybody else intervene on your behalf? Teddy should never ever have to be in any pain or discomfort.

    I don’t know what to say – i feel so angry for you.

    Deep cleansing breath!

    Hang in there, Lainy – we are all with you in spirit – keep on talking to Teddy, and know that you are not alone.

    Sending strength and positive energy your way and lots of light……

    Love you lots



    Oh Lainy,

    I am so sorry for the way things have gone. They have to understand that keeping Teddy as pain free as possible is the most important thing now. I am so sorry that you are having to go through all of this. Try to keep your positive attitude. Things will work out. Try to get some rest tonight dear lady. Tomorrow is another day. My thoughts are with you both.

    Love & Hugs,


    Dearest Lainy, I am so sorry that you and Teddy have to go through this! You trusted them and they are betraying that trust. I hope you get through to them that T needs to be kept as pain-free as possible. What’s this about Tylenol being bad for his liver? ARG! It is not right for him to suffer. Again, I keep you both in my prayers. I love you both.


    I hate to have a downer with you and you know it’s really not me but tonight I am a mama bear!
    Well, it was a day! I was fine until I got there and learned that Teddy had started throwing up anything he ate or drank. I was so hoping this was not going to happen. From there the day went downwards. Hospice is not keeping his pain under control. He is supposed to get breakthrough meds every hour as needed. They will not give it unless he asks. Now I ask you how does a patient who sleeps so much and is confused and forgets to ask, going to get comfort from pain. I cannot believe this! The one thing that helps his back is Tylenol and they will only give him so much. Tylenol is bad for his liver! Who the heck cares? He will not be here that much longer to worry about his liver. I just put a call in to Hospice. I was going to wait until morning to meet the doctor on call but decided to get to it tonight. If this doctor they use is not familiar with Cholangio Carcinoma and many are not, then he will not be keeping the pain under control. I feel I have deserted him!
    I am so sorry for this kind of update but I am devastated. They have pushed me into a pre grieving state that I don’t think would have happened if Hospice was doing what they promised. I am very disappointed.
    A head Nurse just called me back and we talked about what is happening. She said she will ask the girls at Hospice to watch for physical signs that T is in pain and I am going in the early morning to meet the doctor. IF I should miss the doc the Nurse will have her call me.
    As for me I am totally drained and going to bed. I am going to try and get home now before it gets dark and when I get here I am to call Julie and she will talk with me until I am safely home and have checked the house. I am not paranoid but last night they found illegal’s in a vacant house 1/2 block away!!
    Teddy has requested that I tell everyone, no more visitors. It is too hard on him and he doesn’t want people to see him like this. He is distancing himself now from everyone including me as it is all about his making preparations and we must give him this time to do it his way. Thank you all for understanding. Until tomorrow night…..I just know things will get better, they have to.

    Me & T

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