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    Janet…..know that you and your hubby are surrounded by love not only from those you personally know, but from the global cholangiocarcinoma community as well. With you and home hospice, your hubby is tended to in the most professional and caring way. Know that we are with you, all the way.


    Janet, I just sent you the list and hopefully you won’t need it for some time. Carry on! You are doing just awesome as Jim’s Care Giver!


    Thank you so much Lainy,
    Your encouraging words are comforting and appreciated. I sent you and email so now you have mine. I went into more detail on what we are doing to boost his immune system and cleanse his body of toxins’ the chemo caused.
    Hoping and praying for more time. Only God knows.

    Thanks again!




    Dearest Janet, I am so very sorry to hear this unhappy update. Please know that you have done nothing wrong as 2 weeks would probably not have made a difference.
    May I ask the age of your husband and did he serve in another country.
    My thanks to you both for keep us safe here at home.
    Home Hospice is wonderful and the bottom line is to keep the pain at a minimum. Have you tried a nutritional drink yet? My Teddy loved the Carnation Instant Breakfast in Vanilla and I would blend in a banana. It can be given in place of a meal all day. Instead of larger plates of food have hubby try ‘grazing’ all day. Little by little.
    When you feel you are ready and if you like, I have a list of signs the end is near and would email them to you if you send me an email through our Board. Just click on my name to the left and it will take you to my email. If you are not ready that is okay as well.
    You never know how strong you are until “strong” is the only choice you have!

    I asked for wisdom. God gave me problems to solve.
    I asked for prosperity. God gave me brawn and brain to
    I asked for courage. God gave me dangers to overcome.
    I asked for patience. God placed me in situations where I
    was forced to wait.
    I asked for love. God gave me troubled people to help.
    I asked for favors. God gave me opportunities.
    I received nothing I wanted. I received everything I needed.


    Hello Everyone,

    Once again, sorry it’s been so long. Last I posted hubby was doing very well to the point that his Oncologist suggested we see hubby’s Oncologist surgeon, who upon seeing him told us he wanted to go back in to attempt the Whipple procedure again. He was going on vacation for two weeks and wanted us to think about it and let him know what our decision was on our return appointment when he got back. Before he got back though hubby started to go down hill again with a bad case of pancreatitis.
    So we went back to his Oncologist who suggested he go back on chemo. So we started chemo again, same drug as last time to find out that it wasn’t working as well as the first time so we switched to another drug that was even worse (Gem Sy) and only got through the second session before I pulled the plug on the whole thing. Hubby was going down hill really fast because of this particular drug.
    But the chemo had done it’s damage. He has now lost an additional 20 pounds that he couldn’t afford to loose and is now at 102 lb’s. We think that the cancer has infiltrated the lining of his abdomen and possible his stomach. His last CT Scan showed a small spot on his liver and a small one on his spleen. He is now mildly jaundice and sleeping most of the time. He is still eating, but only a little a couple of time’s a day, not enough to sustain him. We started juicing so that we can get some nutrients in him and he is rallying a little, but is not gaining any weight. My fear is that we waited too long to try something new and we are now on Hospice care at home.
    My husband is a fighter and refuses to give up, as I am as well, but I fight the fear daily that i may lose him soon. The only thing sustaining me right now is my faith.
    We both except God’s will in all things and know that no matter what, He will sustain us.
    From the fire, through the fire…..or by the fire.
    I’m tired, worn out and know that the strength sustaining me is not my own.
    Every day is a battle to keep kicking despair in the butt so I can put one foot in front of the other and to continue praying over the love of my life for healing, more time, less pain, more energy and an abundance of peace for both of us. I’m trying not to focus on the what if’s and stay in the present.
    Forgive me for prattling on, I just know you all know exactly what I’m going through so I know you have an abundance of grace for those going through this battle, and that’s exactly what this is….full out war, blood and guts on the field of battle, which my hubby and I are very familiar with. (Retired Military…both of us.) So we both are not new to fighting a battle and risking our lives.
    The only difference is……..we can’t see this enemy…..only the destruction it leaves behind.
    But fight on we will because we must.
    Thanks for listening,
    Prayers are always desired and coveted with us, so if you can send one up to the Father it would be deeply appreciated.
    We will continue to fight until the hubby is healed, or the Lord call’s him home.

    God bless,



    Hi Janet,

    My fingers are crossed as well for your husband with everything and loads of positive thoughts coming your way also. Please let us know how things go. Glad to hear that he is feeling better today and yes, checking with the doc about this is a very good idea.

    My best to you and your husband,



    Great to hear, Janet. To rule out digestive issues, make sure hubby has daily bowel movement and moves around frequently. Not sure that this was the culprit, but it always is good to know.


    Thank you ladies!
    Hubby is feeling much better this evening. I think it was gastro, still checking with Doc in the AM though.




    Janet….fingers crossed. Perhaps the pain is related to shrinkage of the tumor.


    Dear Janet, sending Prayers, good vibes, great juju and I have a feeling it may be gastro seeing as how he was fine 2 weeks ago. Steer the roller coaster straight ahead and hope for the best.


    Hello Everyone,
    Sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time. You all know how your life gets turned upside down with this. Hubby went through 6 of the 12 weeks of chemo (Oct – Jan) and Onc decided to stop the chemo because after several CT scans they couldn’t find anything, so we have been dealing with getting him seen by his surgeon to see if he is now a candidate for cyber knife. They were going to do targeted radiation, a procedure called True blade, but the hospital that does it did not have a contract with our insurance company at the time. His health has been very good and he has been feeling more like himself these last few months. we are going to finally see his surgeon sometime next week to consult with him on where we go from here. Over the last 2 days he started having pain on his right side and am a little concerned with that, so we will be seeing doc tomorrow to determine if it is just gastrointestinal or something else. He just had a CT 2 weeks ago and they could see nothing and they believe he is stable at the moment (Thank You God), so the pain in his side is something that puts me on that rollercoaster again of worry even if it does turn out to be nothing. Praying and hoping it is the lesser of the two. He has had 4 really good month’s.
    He went through chemo without losing his hair or having any of the side effects related to the drugs he was on, with the exception of some cold sensitivity, which we are abundantly grateful for.
    So at the moment we are in a hold pattern and will probably use this time to get our house in order to move to our farm in North East Tennessee. That is where he wants to be, so that is where we will go as soon as we find out what the surgeon says.
    Thank you for all your well wishes, support and prayers.
    They are coveted by us both.

    God Bless you all,

    In Him Always.



    Dear Janet,
    I am also sending prayers your way for both you and your husband. Prayer is powerful! Please keep us informed of your husband’s progress as we truly care and want to help and encourage anyway we can! Blessings….Melinda


    Janet….prayers going out to you and your husband….for thanks, clarity and peace.

    Julie T.


    Dear Janet, glad to hear the good report and so far it sounds like hubby has taken to the chemo ok. That alone is a big reason tomorrow to be thankful. We love to be updated and I am wishing for you to all enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday!


    Thank you all so much for the kind words and support. It is beyond appreciated!
    My hubby is going into his 3rd week of Chemo and is doing very well. So far no major side effects.
    He has a little cold sensitivity with Oxaliplatin but is not severe. He is still eating like a horse (steroid) and does not have any nausea. So far all his numbers are good and his Oncologist is pleased with his progress so far.
    We are taking it one day at a time and have a lot of support from family, friends and church.
    We were very active in our fellowship before my love got sick. But am glad that he is getting the best care medically at present.
    You all know how devastating this disease and what comes with it can be so I don’t have to tell you what this has done to our finances, which was cut in half. Along with all of this we are preparing to sell our home and move out of state because we can not maintain the home we live in with what I receive from my own disability. Through it all the Lord is covering us and providing for our needs. We have a lot of decisions to make over the next few months and need much prayer. Above all we covet your prayers, because prayer DOES change things.
    Once again……Thank you!!

    In Him Always,

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