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    I would like to second the recommendation of the Patrick Quillan book, “Beating Cancer through Nutrition”. He talks about diet, but also about supplements, vitamins, and other alternative home treatments which are easy to follow. The book is well indexed and has liberal footnotes, so you can always look up the original medical journal that is the basis for his recomendations. Also nice is that the book is not dogmatic; he just lays out the information and invites the reader to decide how much or how little of the diet they would like to follow.

    Best of luck to you!

    Violarob in Texas


    Thanks Lulu,

    I appreciate your words (and your advice!!) I’ve never heard of probiotics in my life and will ask them about it tomorrow morning. He is on FIVE different antibiotics right now.

    Lulu, I don’t know what to say about your husband, it’s so awful what happened. These infections are so dangerous. I am so sorry.

    Jim sounds alot like your hubby – Jim is also pretty active. Thank God, he is getting the best care in the world at Mayo (Phoenix). They do an ERCP /stent change practically everytime he gets a cramp and when the one time he told them he thought a stent had dislodged they admitted him immediately and changed it. Re: Infectious Disease, thank God again, the ID team has been monitoring him – – he was ill after the ERCP (fevers) so they did cultures yesterday morning, which apparently grew something last night. ID/Onc/Hep actually instructed Emergency last night at 9:00pm and to contact us to admit him. He’s back in and they’re monitoring him v. closely. Thank God.

    Thank you again and I am praying for you and your family.


    Danielle, Thanks for the kind words and your thoughts….I just started posting again in hopes that maybe something i say can help. I like checking in to see how everyone is doing. It’s painful but maybe part of healing.

    Your Jim’s diet sounds the same as my husbands before CC. I learned real quick that what we put into our bodies is vital when sick.

    I want to tell you what happened with my hubby not to worry you but to empower you with info.
    The infection with my husband ended up being his stent was clogged with 2 gallstones and some sludge. They couldn’t figure this out even though all the symptons pointed to this. They kept saying tumor fevers also…and when we asked why the pain in his right side and shoulder, they said they didn’t know, but it’s probably the cancer. He had all the symptons of gallstones, but no matter how many pictures they took, they didn’t see it. I’m convinced that they overlooked that area because that’s where the tumor was. It took two months and going to a different hospital and doctor to figure out what was wrong.
    Do they have an infectious disease’s doctor treating him?
    Tell his oncologist that you want him scoped to take a look at the bile duct, maybe they’re missing something.
    Also, I had to tell the doctors to give my husband probiotics because of all the heavy antibiotics they were giving him. All those antibiotics kill the good bacteria as well as the bad…and we need the good bacteria to stimulate our immune system. The doctor said something like…”yeah he really could use that” when I asked him for it.
    I’m positive all the alternative stuff was working, but the doctors dropped the ball. My husband was strong and gaining weight while on chemo and he was bike riding about 3 miles.
    I pray that things get better for you guys.


    Just an FYI – be cautious with the Tylenol, as it is metabolized in the Liver and we don’t want to stress out the liver any more than it already is.
    My doctor put me on ibuprofen to control pain and fever because it is metabolized in the kidneys.


    Thanks Luluu,
    I was really pleased to see a post from you as I was thinking about you this morning (I read your post on a different forum). I am so, so sorry for the loss of your beautiful husband and I can’t imagine what you’re going through.

    Thanks for the recommendations – I must have read your mind as I actually bought the fighting cancer with nutrition book yesterday. My Australian husband’s diets has bionically transferred from a diet weighted heavily (pun intended) with Meat, Cheese, Icecream and Other Animal Proteins to vegetarian almost vegan. The Quillin book seems very reasonable and easier to follow than a pure vegan diet so we’re moving forward with it.

    It makes sense doesn’t it. Thanks also for the note about your husband’s infection – although it’s VERY important that he begin chemo asap, i am concerned that Jim’s infection may be worsened. He has fevers almost all the time (controlled with Tylenol) – – he’s had several weird infections (3 of them likely caught when he was in the hospital) – now’s he’s on a cocktail of antibiotics but there is no definitive diagnos of infection. Some say it might be ‘tumor fever’ and others say low grade infection. Anyway, at least it’s being monitored.

    Thanks again for the note. I am thinking about you and your family.


    Danielle, First, I have to say that I am so impressed that a doctor actually recognizes the idea that nutrition can aid in fighting cancer.
    I am totally convinced that removing toxic foods such a red meat, sugar, ect…can help.
    I was guided by a book called “Outsmart you cancer”


    and also
    Beating cancer with nutrition.

    These books were my bible… things were working for him in combination with chemo…and then he got an infection that went undiagnosed for 2 months…anyway long story.

    Another thing I highly recommend to everyone, not just people fighting cancer, is supplements and herbs……these are the things I swear by…vitamin d-4000 iu’s, fish oil, vitamin c, green/white tea supplement, turmeric, ginger, flora, Essiac tea, MAGNESIUM, Milk Thistle. (I clear this stuff with several doctors and none of them had a problem with any of these. Please just make your doctor aware all supplements)

    MD Anderson did a study about turmeric, it says it also enhances the effect of chemo….



    Thanks so much for the warm and helpful responses. WHen resection was still a possibility (and it may be in the future!!) we were looking at the success others on this website have had. It really is inspiring and good for us to be in touch with people like you who are fighting this and finding success. We’re hoping that the chemo will help as the radiation helped stunt the tumour growth.

    Jim’s being treated at the Mayo(they’ve been WONDERFUL!) and is just finishing off week 5 of external beam radiation – they can’t do bracchy (sp?) because of the tumour’s location. For chemo, originally they suggested Xeloda but now are suggesting Gemzar (gemcetabine). We’re meeting with the oncologist again this week – – drug trials are also a possibility. I’ll definitely review the history here to see about the success others have had with their chemo treatments.


    Welcome, Danielle to a world no one wants to visit. We too are in Phoenix. Teddy had a Whipple Surgery 3 1/2 years ago and has been doing very well. What doctors are you using here? On wellness programs our daughter’s fiance was diagnosed with Lymphoma almost 2 years ago, has been going to a Naturopathic doctor as well as having chemo. He is in total remission. You can look up our history on this site. If you like you can e mail me and I will get more information for you. We live 5 miles South of Chandler. Teddy’s Oncologist is Jack Cavalcant. Radiologist is John Kresl. He also sees a Urologist James Bigelow, another problem from the cancer that returned last year. You have come to the right place. Please keep us informed.


    Gary has been fighting this disease for 16 months following Whipple surgery. We have recently been made aware of the benefits of a plant based diet and have been trying to follow it. We juice vegetables, have eliminated dairy, meat and sugar. It all makes sense to us, and we intend to remain close to the diet. It was recommended to us by our nutritionist and acupuncturist. We rely on books (The Gerson Diet and Dr. Quillen’s – Fighting Cancer Through Nutrition) and the internet for recipes. Gary has been able to maintain his weight and even gain some and feel better as well. Good luck!


    Danielle….welcome to our site. I am so glad that you have found us although, sure wish for different circumstances.
    Nutrition and cancer has been discussed frequently and I believe, it will always be a subject of interest. You might want to use the search function in order to read up on some of the postings but, I am also sure, for many suggestions comming your way, from the great members on this site. To search you may simply use key words, such as: nutrition, or diet, etc.

    Has a paticular chemotherapy been discussed and what type of radiation is under consideration? I am hoping for Jim to rid himself of those nasty infections so that he can ready himself and move forward with attacking this monster any way of his choosing. Hopefully, someone will be able to answer your question in re: to the China Study also.
    Warmes wishes coming your way,



    My name is Danielle. I

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