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    So glad to hear you are home Kris! Wonderful, wonderful news!!
    Thinking of you always!



    WELCOME HOME, KRIS, welcome home! IT sounds like you are going to be kept very busy with lots of people comeing and going. You might tell Hans to install a revolving door. I am sure that just coming home is the best absolute medicine in the world. I am curious, how did the kitties react? So happy that you are home and being well taken care of. We LOVE you!


    Hi Kris,

    I’m so happy you are home. What wonderful news.

    I’m so glad that they have finally sorted out help and support for you which allows you to be at home. I’m sure you will soon build your muscle tone back up with the help of the pool visits. My Dad lost all his after his first stay in hospital.

    A cake is a lovely way to say thank you, we all love a nice piece of cake. What sort do you have in mind? My favourite is lemon drizzle but my son loves chocolate mmm mmm.

    Enjoy being back on your couch, with Hans and your cats. I bet your cats have missed you.

    Sending much love and best wishes



    Here I sit..on MY couch in MY living room with Hans and MY cats. Beautiful.

    After almost 2 months in the hospital, all paperwork has fallen into place and I am now under the care of the county’s Home Healthcare team. It is sort of like hospice,but I dont have to stop treatment to use it. They are coming today to make my bed adjustable and to see where handrails and other things needs to be added or removed to make life easier.

    They will come at 7 each night to hook me up to ivs and come back in the morning to unhook me and dole out all my medicines and take bloodwork. We also qualify for home help which is run by the council. They will come a couple hours a week and vacuum and do laundry. Judging by how messing flushing the drains were in the hospital (and the number of times I splashed when I vomited), help with the laundry will be a godsend.

    My psychologist and sister have finally beaten me down to get a handicap parking permit and my psychologist is organising that. She is also organising physical therapy at the hospital pool. After 7 weeks of living at the hospital I have NO muscle tone.

    It was vey sad to leave the hospital since I love my nurses so much. There was much hugging on the way out the door. I think I will bake them a cake next week….but it sure is wonderful to be home.


Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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