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    Yes Susan, just take things as they come, one day at a time. Enjoy your time together. With this disease you just never know which way things will go.

    DCMAC, Marion’s words are so true. The more love we experienced the harder we grieve. That is the price we pay. We have had so much more than most, but that only makes it even harder. I too was 60 when Jim passed. I try to remember the good life we had and be greatful that I have those memories to hold on to.

    Love & Hugs To All,


    Dearest Susan, at this point please do not try to figure the future out. As Teddy used to say we were on our Honeymoon those last few months. Relish every moment. I never thought ahead I tried so hard to just enjoy the moment. I don’t regret one thing and I hang on so tight to the good memories. You have time yet to figure out your new normal. It kind of just creeps up on you and really takes no figuring. May I ask if the ONC has given a prognosis?


    Dear DCMAC and all of you who have responded. My husdband of 25 years too was “healthy” and bam! Our diagnosis came in May and we have tried chemo with no luck. More tumors on liver and lungs. Primary cc. I watch him everyday lose more and more of himself, energy not eating. I can’t believe this is happening to “us”. And yet it happens to many.

    Lainy said she was blessed with 16 years more than may have in a life time! I try to think like that to and start to figure out my new norm. It is just so hard to think of life without my buddy!


    “Grief is the Price We Pay for Love.” When things get really tough, I hold on to that saying.
    Hugs to all,


    Dear Dcmac,

    I, also, know your pain; my husband just died on July 8th. He fought this terrible disease for four years. I still feel kind of numb; like in a dream that I don’t want to wake up from. I know I have to be strong for the kids and put on a happy face, but it’s not easy. We were together for 38 years and he was a wonderful husband as well as my best friend. I know one day it’s going to hit me hard and I hope I will be able to handle it when it does. Just keep taking one day at a time and remember the good times you had with each other. Sending hugs your way, PeggyP


    Thank each and everyone of you. I feel so lost and see no hope of
    ever finding myself again. Your kind thoughts and prayers are so
    appreciated by me, my son and daughter and daughter in law. Dan
    was the bright light in everyones life and once he died I feel like our
    family did too. I wish I could tell you all that I will pray for you but
    it seems I have lost my faith along with Dan. It is more anger at why
    me; we had it all. I am sure I am not the only lost soul out there and
    hopefully soon my faith will reappear You don’t live your life for 60 years in a strong Irish, Catholic family and just one day loose everything at least




    I’m so sad and sorry for your loss. It seems so unfair.

    My husband is only 48 and we’ve been fighting this awful disease since 10/2010. I cant begin to imagine my life without him.

    I can’t offer any advise, but please know that people on this website understand and care deeply.

    Visit and vent as often as you can, it may bring you some peace and comfort.

    Hugs and prayers



    I am so sorry for your loss and truely understand your pain.

    My story is so much like yours. It has been almost 4 years for me and I am still struggling with the loss and miss him more everyday. We were married 41 years and he died less than 2 months from when we first suspected something was wrong. His only earlier sign was a soreness in one of his legs and being tired a lot. He was always very active and healthy until then, or so we thought. For us this came out of no where and ended so quickly as it seems it also did for you and your husband.

    You have come to the right place. Everyone here knows what it is like to deal with this horrible disease. We all understand and care. This board and the people on it have gotten me through these past four years.

    Take care and keep coming back. It does help.

    Love & Hugs,


    Dear DCMAC, I am so very sorry about your husband, I lost mine 1 1/2 years ago and know exactly what you are feeling. The world moves around us but somehow no one can invent how to heal the hole in our hearts. I do have a little mantra I say to myself when I am feeling down. “Shame on me! I had for 16 years what most never have in a lifeime!” That seems to snap me back somehow. Being on this CC site has also helped me tremendously. And bottom line is Teddy would want me to be happy, he never liked it when I was sad. So, I do what I do for him. When people ask me how I am doing I say I am living my new nomal. Things have slowly gotton better but I know they will never be the same. Teddy fought CC for 5 years and he did it with so much courage and dignity that I feel that is the least I can behave for him now, is to try to be happy. Cone bacj as often as you need to here as we have a whole club or “new normals”.


    Sorry about your husband and I will pray for you and your family so you can get through this. God bless and take care


    I’m so sorry you lost your husband to this monster cancer. I will be praying for your family. I wish I had better words, but I dont. I hate this cancer. :-(


    Hi There:

    It took me a full year to register for this site. I lost my husband one year
    ago Tuesday to this dreaded disease. Every day is a struggle and I keep trying to be positive. The problem is I was married to the most wonderful guy on the planet for 40 fabulous years. I miss him terribly. I had no idea he
    was even sick till 10 weeks before he died. His only complaint was his back hurt but we associated that with his job he was a dentist.

    To all who are struggling with this horrible disease you are in my thoughts and well wishes. I hope someone out there has a successful recovery unfortuately it wasn’t us.

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