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    Hey Kris, that’s great news! I knew things would start looking up – you’re just too important to this board with your uplifting posts. Glad you gave the blood clots/tumors the old TKO. Keep it coming!
    Joyce M



    This is great news, you sure showed who is the boss!



    Kris.. Sure love to hear the current explainations of the suspicious looking areas. This cancer simply does not get it for it is “Kris” it is dealing with.
    I am happy along with you.


    Oh Happy Days, Kris! What good news from our Munchkin! Now you can really enjoy your sister’s visit and look forward to that romantic little cottage. I hope everything continues to look upwards for you as you are certainly a fierce tiger!!! Good for you. YIPEE!!!



    Good, better & best. What more can you ask for. :) Thanks for the update & I am glad the news was all good news for a change. I will be hoping that it stays that way! You deserve to be happy with all this good news. Let’s keep it coming! If anyone can show that cancer who’s boss, you can.

    Take Care Kris.

    Love & Hugs,


    So my liver values are good enough to get chemo…still above average but within chemo range. Of the 4 they measure, 3 are almost at average and 1 is double, but 1/4 of what it was last week. Yippee!!!! So I got my xeloda avastan and oxaliplatin. So far only side effects are a sensitivity to sour food and cold.

    On to equally (perhaps better) news….the scan on Friday showed no blood clot…good. A bile duct is enlarged, but not as enlarged as it was last scan….better. AND my liver has a place where the tissue is “different” than the surrounding tissue and it was picked up on PET scan. New scan showed that there is NO mass or tumor, and when injected with contrast, the area functions like its surrounding tissue. My doctor said there was no “focal” cancer, but that I could still have cancer in my liver, but the unorganised situation of it meant that chemo might work better on it…the best news! I told my sister yesterday that I could only get good news today and I was right. The suspicious lymph node they will monitor and I will have another scan in 2 months. I will stay on steroids for my liver and remain off of all other medication. I am so happy today!

    Take that stupid cancer!


Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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