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    Sorry Jules and what a lovely warm tribute to your Dad. May you find peace in the memory of his love for you.


    Though nothing can stop the pain you are feeling right now, please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers!


    Beautiful, Jules. I’m sure he would be proud. Much love and support going your way!


    Jules, that was lovely to read. Hope you are doing OK. Such a tough time. Thinking of you. It was really lovely to think of your Dad riding over the Downs! YES! Cherish those memories!


    Dear Jules,

    What a wonderful tribute to your Dad, someone I have admired so deeply.
    I can now envision him on his yacht, the wind blowing his face and his laughter carrying in the breeze.

    Thank you for presenting to us this wonderful memory of your Dad. He will never be forgotten.




    Thanks for sharing that with us. It was beautiful.



    Thankyou all so much for your kind messages. At the moment I am just taking one day at a time and all the rollercoaster of emotions that go with it. I just wanted to post my tribute to my Dad that I read at his funeral:

    One of the many things that I loved most about my Dad was his endless energy and appetite for adventure. whether he was at the helm of a yacht or riding his mountain bike over the Downs he pushed himself to the absolute limit. although I feel devastated to have lost my Dad so soon I take great comfort from the fact that he lived such a fulfilled life.

    Life was certainly never dull when he was around and his enthusiasm and sense of humour was infectious. My dad would roar with laughter watching Inspector Clouseau negociate a tiny toilet on a plane with both legs rigid in plaster and on crutches – my Dad’s chuckle could be heard throughout the house. Another favourite was Mr Bean driving his mini whilst getting dressed, shaved and cleaning his teeth. This required him to steer the car with his knees (something I remember my Dad doing on occasion – allowing him to navigate at the same time).

    On a more personal level, I am grateful that I had the opportunity to tell my dad just how much I loved him, that I was proud of him and all that he had achieved with his life. I am also so very grateful for all the loving support he gave Sophie and I over the years. He was always thinking of us. I remember on one occasion when he even managed to ring me from his bed in hospital to wish me luck with and exam that I was taking that morning. His solid, unwavering support was never in question. Sophie adored her grandad and we have many treasured memories of the times that we spent together.

    I will remember the good times Dad and I feel priviledged to have had your influence in my life, you will remain in my heart forever.


    Dear Jules,

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your father. He fought so very valiantly…and you fought hard for him, too. May you find peace in the wonderful memories of your lives together here on earth. So what do you do now?…just “do the next thing”, whatever that may be. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. The gut-wrenching anguish will subside as time goes on, and the warm loving memories will flood your mind and heart. While your Dad’s time here was far too short, remember that you will see him again for and in eternity, when your mission here is complete. And you will here him speak to you! My thoughts, prayers and love are with you. We hit the 5 month mark today, and we just keep doing the next thing.

    Love, Joni


    We Thought of You Today

    We thought of you today,
    But that is nothing new
    We thought of you yesterday
    And will tomorrow, too.

    We think of you in silence
    And make no outward show.
    For what it meant to lose you
    Only those who love you know.

    Remembering you is easy,
    We do it everyday.
    It’s the heartache of losing you
    That will never go away.


    Thankyou so very much to all of you for your messages of comfort and support. It really does mean so much and I know that my Dad would be moved. Peter and Patricia – you are right, the bond that we had became even closer throughout my Dad’s battle. My Dad regulary told me just how much it meant to him that I was by his side supporting him and this is a great comfort to me now.

    Do not lose hope – we must continue to strive to raise awareness and promote research into this truly devestating disease. I remain as committed to that cause as ever and I will continue to assist with input on this site wherever I feel I maybe able to help.

    love, Jules


    Dear Jules,

    I can totally understand and imagine the pain that you are going through right now. My own father (my best friend) has this horrible disease. His condition is not so good right now, but I still hope for the best, and doctors are helping his as much as they can. Over the past few weeks have read your posts and can understand the pain and helplessness that you are going through.

    At this point I can only say that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope that the pain and suffering will ease with time. Now is the time as ever to stay as strong as possible, and take good care of yourself.

    Stay strong!


    I’m so sad to hear of your Dad’s passing and your loss. You both have been a mainstay for this community. I had such hopes for the treatments he tried and admiration for both of your tenacity and attitude.
    I know the memories and closeness you shared in helping him fight this disease can never replace his loss but I hope and pray that in years to come you’ll be sustained by all you did and shared together. As a father myself I can imagine the depth of the love and thanks he must have felt having you so close through his triumphs and and losses.
    Bless you. You’ll remain in our hearts and prayers.



    I’m very sorry for your loss. Your Dad was a great inspiration to all of us and we appreciate you sharing your experiences here. I hope time will help heal your heart and you can eventually find your way ahead. I believe in angels and I am sure sure your Dad remains by your side, helping you in anyway he can. Take care and god bless. Mary


    Dear Jules

    SO sorry to read about your Dad, As I said before you and your Dad were so helpfull to Jon and I when we needed advice and I really admired your strengh and determination
    My thoughts are with you and your family
    Alison Jon’s wife


    Dear Jules
    I am so very sorry to hear of your father’s death. There is nothing I can say that will in any way make your grief easier to bear. There is no consolation when someone we love is taken away in this untimely way. My thought are with you and your family at this difficult time.
    I would like to add that I really admired the way you and your dad worked as a team and I am certain that it gave him strength to know that you were always at his side in the dark and difficult days.

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