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    While I’ve only survived a year and a half, it looks like I will survive. First doctor I had told me I was going to die. I had a tumor that was about a 4 inch ball in the left side of my liver and had spread to the pancreas, lymph nodes, and mesentery. The tumor in my mesentery was 2 inches. I had a y90 procedure that my new oncologist thinks blocked the left hepatic artery and killed the liver and the tumor located in there. The left side is so dead, they can’t get dye in it for contrast on a CT scan. The tumor was msi-h and after going to the University of Kentucky, I was put on keytruda.  After a year of keytruda, the cancer is gone but I will be on maintenance for another year. I was diagnosed Aug 28 2019. Now all I need to do is win the lottery and my life will be complete 🙂

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