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    Kim – You raised a good point – I hope that the experience makes us more conscious of doing what is necessary to protect/enchance our health and encourage loved ones to do the same – like many of you, I want to be a healthy presence in my children’s (and hopefully grandchildren’s) lives

    Some of you have mentioned taking action to deal with your own medical/health concerns – I found that it took the same amount of energy to deal with it as I did worrying and wondering whether I had a problem – it was such a relief when my doctor reviewed everything and assured me that he didn’t see any problem!


    MN, certainly all very good quetions and points. Problem is we just don’t know.
    I have thought it very curious that we seem to have more USA patients on the East and West Coast than mid America! A lot of the cases in Asia are from a Parasite called Liver Flukes and is found in bad water. You can get it from drinking the water or eating certain fish. The Liver Flukes adhere to the intestines for 30 – 40 years and you have no way of knowing they are there. Then they leave and leave behind CC. Other than that we know not much.
    We have had a lot of men on here who served in Korea and Viet Nam. It’s all just a big question mark.
    It’s hard after seeing a loved one get CC to not imagine our aches and pains being something worse than they are. I think in time we relax on that a bit. I am not a doctor but it sure seems to me that stress is doing a number on you.
    Two months after Teddy passed my Glucose started going wacky. It has taken me 8 months to get it under control again! Yep, I am sure it was stress. We really have to be a courageous bunch here all of us patients and care givers alike. If I had my way everyone on this site would get a Purple Heart, they already have a heart of GOLD!


    This thread caught my eye. I stay up at night to try to figure out what my mom did that could have caused this. she was always very healthy. My mom believes it was the stress of this recession, she is in the real estate industry, that caused her immune system to shut down. Could it be that she eats seafood? Lots of cases in Asia. Could it be she was a hairdresser for 33 years and all the chemicals she had to breath in? I have no idea. The doctors also say it is not hereditary…I do not believe this at all. My aunt passed away from this cancer three years ago. She was 87 and my mom is only 63, but how do two people from the same family get such a rare cancer.

    JenniferS, I understand what you are saying. For 9 months, since my moms original surgery, I have had an awful pain in my side that makes me keel over. For 7 of those months I took the pain to be sympathy pains for my mom. After dealing with this for 7 months and finally being on vacation I thought it would disappear and that was when I finally went to see the doctor. After the initial x-ray, I was just full of poop…you have to laugh at that! But after 2 weeks it continued. Doctors have done ultrasounds and even a ct scan, but nothing. I started seeing a chiropractor for the pain. I did have a rib that was out of place. It helped for a while. but since last Tuesday when my mother’s doctors told her that she should focus on the quality of life and not do anymore chemo, the pain started again. Stress does a lot to our bodies.

    One of the best ways to protect yourself is to reduce stress…but then again, I think of all the children that have horrible types of cancer. Do they really have that much stress???


    Agree with what others have said about bad luck, we were told “the same odds as winning the lottery” with my Dad. Glad to know I am not crazy when I have these same thoughts and get convinced that CC is in my future. Though I do believe that dwelling on such things can impact one’s health.

    I have taken steps to be more healthy in an effort to stay off Rx meds, not that I had any condition, but I believe the fewer chemicals one takes in, the better.

    Since my dad passed away, I try to eat organic food when possible, I watch my weight — I had about 15 or so extra pounds. I have started back on an exercise program and I loosely follow the FAT FLUSH PLAN, a diet centered on liver health. I don’t take the supplements, but I do drink the cranberry juice, lemon water, take the flax seed (my dermatologist had suggested it for psoriasis and it seems to be helping.) I watch my carbs and sugar.

    That said, I am not overboard, I do dine out knowing that much of what I am eating does not fall with the above parameters. (I happen to live in a “granola” community, so there are organic restaurants if I choose. ) I am regimented on the exercise. Some time ago, I gave up diet soda and I have now almost given up regular soda–30+ days without one!

    There are some threads on here about commonalities among CC patients From what i recall, high sugar intake and/or artificial sweeteners and statin prescriptions were some of the top ones.


    My mother was very healthy for 82 years she never needed any meds for blood pressure cholesterol or anything else.She did not drink or smoke. She lived 11 months after her DX no explanation!


    I know CC isn’t hereditary, but I started to have panic attacks when I started having pain under my right ribs that wouldn’t go away. For over a month (just recently) I was completely convinced I had cancer. I had my doctor do blood tests, ultrasounds and X-rays, and then finally ended up having a CT scan. I’m fine, but the paranoia completely took over. I started physiotherapy on my back and hip (that have been bothering me since having my daughter), and the pain has completely gone away – it was all connected to the pain in my back :)

    I have high blood pressure (since pregnancy) that won’t go away and I’m on meds for it. I have started doing anything and everything I can to make sure I get a handle on it so I will be around to watch Katelyn (and future children) grow up. I think the biggest thing I’ve learned from CC, as far as my own health is concerned, is that I will NEVER ignore little pains that I think “could” be something, because I don’t want to bother my doctor. I may drive him crazy, but I will not hesitate to see him if I think something is wrong. I totally understand where you are coming from – I will do anything in my power to ensure I’m as healthy as possible to be around as long as possible….




    I understand where you are going with your post. I made the decision to have lap band surgery in order to get off the meds I was taking and to get healthier. I had the surgery in October and have lost 28 lbs. so far. My decision was predicated on several things but I admit taking the health of my liver into consideration was part of the decision. Silly?….maybe. I’m in the medical field and know there is no heredity cause involved but I will always have that small thought in my head.

    I also admit…I’m still mad that CC took my Mom away….and I too want to be with my family as long as possible….



    Thanks for all the replies.

    My intent for posing the question was more to get feedback on what changes people have made to their diet and lifestyle. I realize that CC is not hereditary. But losing my best friend, the woman who gave birth to me and raised me and loved me, makes me reflect on my own life and health.

    I can’t do anything to bring my mother back. But I can make changes to give my own body a better chance at being healthy, lessening the chances of me leaving my own children when I’m 64 years old.


    I was also told “bad luck”. We all interpret words differently. For me “bad luck” is much better than being told you brought this on yourself. It’s sort of comforting in an odd sort of way.


    I agree that bad luck is a horrible term. I also wish we had something better. My best guess is that once some significant research is done on CC, there will be something that comes out of it that perhaps will give guidance to people in the future. Hopefully, there will be something that will help diagnose it earlier, better treatment options, and something in the preventive arena.



    “…I think we will have cured cancer (woops hope Susan G Koman doesn’t see this).”

    LOVE your sense of humor! Made me laugh.

    For those you do not know about this, Sumsan G. Koman has been using donations to their foundation to search out and sue anyone using the word “cure” or pink in their efforts to raise money for cancer research.



    I also had “bad luck”, I probably could eat healthier, but I could also eat a lot worse. I think that is the million dollar question “how come?”, when we answer that question I think we will have cured cancer (woops hope Susan G Koman doesn’t see this).
    Kind of intersting since I am acc survivor due to a transplant,some people have asked if I was an alcoholic or drug abuser!!-Cathy


    Teddy was also told “bad luck”. I think that hardly describes it, wish we could think of another phrase.


    Both my dad and my maternal grandmother have had CC, different types, and both were the healthiest possible people beforehand – I don’t think there is anything they could have don’t to prevent it. Being otherwise healthy obviously gives you a benefit when faced with any type of cancer.
    Like the others say – bad luck on our part. I won’t change my behaviour except to value the time I do have now.


    Hi Kimmie,

    I agree with what the others have said to you about CC and it not being hereditary. I was told the same when my dad was diagnosed and they also said that his CC was not caused by bad living or anything like that, so I guess that “bad luck” sort of sums it up really.

    Best wishes,


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