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    I agree with everyone that eating healthy and exercise are very important but we were told that it was “bad luck” that my husband got cc. Go figure.


    I agree with Kathy. We should all do what we can to stay healthy, however my husband was told the same as her. Nothing he did or didn’t do caused his CC and as my boys were concerned about it being hereditary, we also inquired and were told it is not.


    Ok, I’m not a close relative of someone who died of cc, I am the person with cc. We should all take better care of our bodies, liver, ect. I was always healthy – never took any kind of drugs except for Tylenol or antibiotics only a few times in my life.

    You should do everything you can to be good to your liver, but I was told there was nothing I didn’t do or did that caused me to have cc, and it is not heredity.


    I wasn’t sure where to post this because it’s a question for those of us whose family member died of CC. But I didn’t know where else to post it, and since it’s addressing family I thought this would be the best place.

    If you had a close blood relative lose their battle with CC, do you or have you considered making lifestyle changes to improve the health of your own liver?

    I’ve always read with great interest the posts on these boards relating to diet, healthy supplements and alternative medicine ideas. Because my own mother succumbed to CC, I’ve been thinking of my own liver and how I can protect it, or at least improve the chances of maintaining a healthy liver.

    Thoughts? Ideas? Input?

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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