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if Chemotherapy is NOT Working, what can be done.

Discussion Board Forums General Discussion if Chemotherapy is NOT Working, what can be done.

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    thank you for concern and recommendations. most of the oncologist are agree to use dietary supplements and they say that if the patient doesn’t use dietary supplements, she will lose much more weight.


    I can’t say the exact regimen your mom should follow as each individual is different. These are only suggestions based on my experience and research.

    You can consider a good daily vitamin/mineral supplement for women over 50. I have shared mushroom extract benefits of increasing immunity, but again I don’t want it to counteract any conventional treatment she is receiving so check with doctor. I also recommend beta glucan supplements which is actually an ingredient in mushrooms. Chlorophyll extract is supposed to increase oxygen and a blood builder. I am sure there are many suggestions. I have heard people increasing their vitamin C intake or adding Vitamin D3.

    Remember this is only based on my experience/knowledge. I don’t know your individual needs, sensitivities, allergies, and prescription drugs regimen. Some supplements may not do well with certain drugs, so you do the research. Go according to her main needs.

    Have you read or researched any great dietary supplements to help complement treatments for bile duct cancer patients?


    I agree with you the basics are vital.
    What do your recommend about dietary supplements ?


    Whether you choose chemo or not, and whether it works or not, make sure she is getting good nutrition, dietary supplements, fresh air and sunshine, daily walks, comfortable sleep, and doing things she enjoys. This may sound basic, but still very important.


    That’s the big question, dear Alikemal. It’s best to consult with a specialist as treatment is based on patient’s individual disease presentation.


    ıF xELODA will not work for CCA. Which treatments can be tired?


    Good point, positivity. Perhaps we should take a look at what a clinical trials are:
    First and foremost: It is a research study from which patients ‘MAY BENEFIT’.
    A clinical research study is designed to test a drug(s) on a patient population affected by a disease. The enrollees must have an excellent to good health status. The ECOG Scale of Performance Status is one such measurement. It describes a patient’s level of functioning in terms of their ability to care for one self, daily activity, and physical ability (walking, working, etc.).
    The majority of patients involved in trials must be ECOG 0 or ECOG 1.

    0 Fully active, able to carry on all pre-disease performance without restriction
    1 Restricted in physically strenuous activity but ambulatory and able to carry out work of a light or sedentary nature, e.g., light house work, office work

    Why not include the elderly? I think the main reason is that accrual for the elderly is difficult, as most have some type of underlying disease.

    As of now, I only know of the ASCO TAPUR study including children as well as the elderly in clinical trials.



    thanks a lot . I will ask some questions.


    It is tough and we had to decline gem/cis and Xeloda due to individual factors. There is no treatment that fits the model of “one treatment for all”. Eventually patients will be looked at on an individual basis including health history, other underlying health problems with CC, and choose a treatment plan. I have heard the chemo regimen is not guaranteed for all patients. It is unfortunate, but a fact. There may be more hope in immunotherapy. I highly believe in nutrition and a supplement plan that increases the persons immunity and lowers inflammation. Chemo is so toxic that whether you choose this route or not, one needs a support system of high immunity foods and vitamins/minerals, extracts. Don’t forget the high benefit of emotional support as well, and give hope to your mom. Choose activities she can enjoy. Bring some joy in this tough situation.
    Another point: there should be clinical trials for older patients. It is unfair and inaccurate to only give people of a certain age or health status the benefit of trying a new treatment.


    thank you for sharing your opinions.
    I hope all patients will recover and be cured.
    I am sorry to ask questions.

    How and how often Capecitabine is used?
    What is coffee enema procedure ?


    My wife was on both Cisplatin and Gencitabin. Now she is off Cisplatin as the Dr said it is dangerous to keep with that. She is on a trial drug as well – Coplansilib

    What she is doing that really seems to help is work hard at diet, supplements and detox
    For Diet – primarily organic fruits and vegetables and some organic oats
    For Supplements – KyoGreen drink mix, Perfect 7 Intestinal Cleaner, HCL with Pepsin, Zinc, Fish Oil and Vitamin C
    For Detox – a coffee enema two times each day.

    We have one foot in the naturopath world and one foor in conventional medicine



    Capecitabine is one of the chemos used for Cholangiocarcinoma.

    In my case, it was used for adjuvant treatment (after surgery) together with gemcitabine. I experienced few side effects and the treatment was tolerable. One capecitabine side effect that affects some (not all) patients is “hand-foot syndrome” which results in redness, peeling skin and discomfort in the hands and feet. Skin cream with urea (at least 10%) as an ingredient can help. I started applying the skin cream morning and night to my hands and the soles of my feet from the beginning of the capecitabine treatment, which helped keep the symptom under control when it appeared after six weeks of treatment. Wearing thick cotton socks and avoiding hot water (dish-washing, hot showers) also helped.

    I hope your mother has a good outcome from this treatment.

    Regards, Mary


    Alikemal….I believe the oncologist already gave you the answer by switching your Mom to Xeloda. Is anyone addressing the ascities? How comfortable is your Mom at this time?



    My mother who is 70 years lost 26.4 pounds in 1 year (12 kilos).
    She is 110 pounds and has Malnutrition.
    She has abdominal swelling and ascites in the abdominal cavity.
    Pleural_effusion also detecded one month ago.
    She can not have surgey. If cancer has spread to another part of the body, surgery can’t usually cure it.

    She had 5 chemos. First one is cisplatin and gemcitabin combo.
    Only gemcitabin is used for the four chemos because cisplatin has severe side effects.

    The last CT scan (a few days ago) showed problems. A masses are occured in the left lobe of the liver.


    The oncologist stoped gemcitabin chemothreapy Yesterday. And he said he will try Xeloda.

    What do you think about Xeloda?
    Can Xeloda cure Intrahepatic CCA ?


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