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    Thanks Carl. As hard a time as I have had for 3 years now, I can handle it as it could be worse! I would have liked to meet a nice man for companionship but this Colitis really cramps (should not use that word) my style!

    Julie, you are too funny and I have a feeling if we ever got together we would rip the town apart laughing!



    Well, it sounds like you could start your own pharmacy….and maybe write a book about the colitis to boot. That’s a LOT of meds, but if they would do the trick.,…so be it, right?!!!!

    Hope that once the MRI is out of the way…..and everything is clear (it WILL be clear), then you can let loose and enjoy life as much as possible over the summer…as much as the colitis will let you. Hoping that new drug may be your answer.

    MDs as entertainment….Hmm….that sounds like that could be a tv show….no wait…I think that’s already being done. Oh well…..there goes your chance for your 15 minutes of fame. :)

    Julie T.


    What wonderful news as you start your summer.

    I am very happy for you Lainy.



    Just got home from the Neurosurgeon and as suspected the tumor IS a Menenginoma, benign tumor that is pushing the lining on the left side of the brain. Good news is it is slow growing, not Cancerous and we will do another MRI next June. Also no effects from it so far. It almost looks like a coocoon sitting there. Ewwww
    All that is left now is a new MRI on my stomach to make sure that the last one was just shadows where my Cancer was and THEN I can solely concentrate on the Colitis! I had a Remicade infusion, my 7th, last Wed. and if it doesn’t work this time we will try a NEW drug just approved by the FDA in May for Crones and Ulcerative Colitis and its called Entyvio. It is supposed to work great for people like me whom the steroids don’t seem to budge. Beside the Remicade, I am taking Prednisone, Imuran, Levaguen ande Flagyl. Lucky me.
    I am a happy camper and except for an appointment in 3 weeks with my GI & the other MRI I am so done I hope for the summer. On the other hand going to Docs seems to be my entertainment!

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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