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    Hi Kris,

    Glad to see you back again and very happy to hear the latest news about Mark! Great stuff!

    Yes it does sound like you are really busy these days, no wonder with everything taht is going on for you. The vit D deficiency, that is very very common here in Scotland for as you say a lack of sunlight. Lack of sunlight here in Scotland is very very common!! Hope the vit D works for you.




    Kris…..so happy to hear from you. Mark’s results are fantastic – what great news. Wish you did not have to become semi disabled to finally slow down a bit. Promise to take it easy and please recover quickly.


    Hi Kris V and so good to see your smiling face again. Except for your back it is exceptionally good to read all your good news. Yea for Marks test results and keep up all the good work. Good to have you back and hoping to see more of your postings especially the funny ones about Mark. Enjoy your Holidays.


    Sorry for the lengthy absence but things have been crazy, crazy lately.

    First off for the good news. We did a two month follow up on Mark. Two months ago his Ca 19-9 was 117 and everyone was worried about a return of the cancer in September especially given his increased in tiredness and some other concerns. I am happy to announce that his Ca 19-9 is now down to 69 coupled with totally clear scans and perfect lab work they are saying we only have to come back in three months for labs with no scans. As long as the Ca 19-9 is going down we will just monitor labs with a CT scan twice a year or so unless something changes. His weight is up finally to what a deem healthy and after two months of Physical Therapy he is getting around and dong more…..right now plotting his Christmas lights that overwhelm our yard come the day after Thanksgiving.

    I have been working a lot of hours at work which has cut into my free time significantly, mostly to the point where i come home eat dinner and collapse. Mark finally got tired of all that so back to the doctor I went. Seems I don’t get enough sunshine (even when it does sunshine) which made me laugh since I live in Washington and it’s raining right now. I was severely deficient in my Vit D which apparently affects my energy levels. So now a daily high dose Vit D and a change in anti-depressant….also learning to say NO at work and mean it and I am feeling better.

    Of course, then I go and herniate a disc my back at work so I am now able to spend some time on other things such as visiting all my friend on here. I do PT three times a week and take it easy. i would like to say Mark is taking care of me but not so much.

    Thank you everyone for you patience in me over these few months.

    Love you all,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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