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    I do not think this is a time to be bitter, but a time to be hopeful. We have to remember that at one point in time people who had breast cancer didn


    Hey, Jill, no I don’t think you are entirely wrong but just think maybe one day someone will say that about CC!!! We can only hope.


    Cool. I was just watching tv last night when an avon commercial come on showing their sponsership of breast cancer. Call me bitter or what have you, but, are there any freaken companies that don’t support breast cancer research? Better question, are there any companies that do support cholangiocarcinoma?

    Now, don’t get me wrong, breast cancer reared its ugly head in my sister. However, she is cured. Not only did they cut the cancer out, she also underwent chemo and radiation, reconstruction, the whole nine yards. I am glad the research money was spent on figureing out which chemo to use, ect. It just makes me sick all the companies soliciting on all these walk for a cure, and the phone calls, and the commercials.

    Is it wrong to think its gone very over the top?


    Lisa — of course you are already famous among us!

    Can’t wait to see the article — and I am so glad you voiced what so many of us feel about the support for the “popular” cancers.

    Take good care.



    Something tells me that with this great group of people involved with the CC Foundation that we will ALL be famous one day!!!



    Hi Lisa,

    Good stuff! Can’t wait to read the article!

    Best wishes,



    Wowser, Lisa! That is so cool. Looking forward to reading the article. You go girl!!!


    Lisa….you are already famous but, now even more so. I can’t wait to read up on the article.
    Best wishes,


    WOW! Good job Lisa. I’m proud of you. Can’t wait to read the article. You deserved to be able to get in that little dig. It is all so true. Making people more aware of CC at the end of Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness Month. How good is that!?!?!?!? :)



    Well, not yet really.

    Yesterday my mom and I were interviewed for an article in our local paper, the Stanwood-Camano News. I talked about what it is like to have a rare cancer and how much we appreciate community support and the resources of the American Cancer Society.

    I also mentioned that Walter Payton died of this disease.

    I did get a little dig in at the Susan B Komen fund, LOL. Some of you know I’m a tad bitter about all the attention, money, and resources of that organization that is ostensibly for women with cancer. Well, women with the right kind of cancer.

    Anyhoo, the article will appear in next week’s edition. I will post it here.

    Great timing – right at the end of Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness Month.

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