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    I am sitting in the Kaylor Grand Hotel in downtown Rochester right now. We drove up today, right after I saw my GP about fluid coming out of two of my incisions from the liver/ICC surgery on Feb 28th. Several of the incisions have healed, but these two don’t look good. My GP felt that there was an infection and it was not healing right. She took a culture and put me on a Sulfa drug as a starter to combat the infection. I see the Mayo doctors tomorrow about my post surgery followup and CT Scan and blood tests, so I’ll bring this up to them. Has anyone had any experience with infected incisions.? I am a heavy woman so was told in advance that there could be some issues with incision healing.

    I had also hoped to have a port installed while here at Mayo ….if chemo is advised, and I feel it will be . However, my GP said that Mayo may not want to have a port installed with this current infection. Anyone with experience in this?


Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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