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    I did IMRT with 5-FU (oral) at Mayo Clinic in MN for 8 weeks in 2015. Unfortunately it didn’t eliminate my peritoneal recurrence. It did, however, damage my pancreas. I now need to take Creon with meals for proper digestion. We did unusually high doses of IMRT in an attempt to cure vs. palliate.


    Grsharp: actually we r in NY right now looking for a second opinion at the Memorial Sloan Jettering center . No good news again. The tumor with the treatment began to show necrotizing borders . But didn’t shrink . My husband tumor its in a BAD Place . Can’t be remove . Hope u have good luck with the treatment.


    Mrucci, how has the rad and Xeloda treatments worked out for your husband? My wife is scheduled to start radiation and 5Fu (which is, I think the same as Xeloda except it is an IV rather than oral) on 4/25/16. Incidentally, we are in Nashville tn.


    I have received IMRT with Xeloda (capecitabine) and have had a great response every time. Some people have good results but I have talked to people that it did not work for them. Worst side effect for me is tiredness…sometimes lasting up to a month after you complete your IMRT. It really depends on the amount of GY’s (gamma rays) that are “cooking” the tumor or lymph nodes with. I rarely felt nauseous but just popped pill for nausea and it went away.


    My husband it’s been treated for CC using intensity modulated radiation therapy and 5-FU Flurouracil continuous infusion. Anyone on this same treatment ? And results please . Thanks

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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