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    Kathleen’s web-site is under patient name kathleenmfoley (don’t forget the “m”). Unfortunately, you have to register but I don’t believe it’s too difficult a process.


    Hi Bill,

    Welcome and we love to see people who are years out fighting this disease – it gives us all a lot of hope.

    I will have Rick post your site with the other family sites. Thanks for letting us do this. I think it really helps others.



    I am an idiot. I have been looking for a CC support group web-site for 4.5 years but never thought to look under ““. Needless to say, it has been interesting to read the many posts that share the same issues as my wife, Kathleen.

    Kathleen is 44 years old and was diagnosed in July 2002. She has had two surgeries, several chemo regimens and now is scheduled for Therasphere treatment in two weeks. Therasphere was approved for Kathleen because she was recently diagnosed with mixed hepatocellular (HCC) and CC cancer. We are in Mpls so we have easy access to Mayo Clinic but Kathleen’s primary cancer physician is a great guy from Mpls – he was an actor and comedian in NYC but changed careers after his dad died of cancer.

    Kathleen has been a success story in many ways but she has also shared many of the difficulties and challenges all of you have. We have a web-site at and I will try to figure out how to link it with this blog section.

    Good luck to everyone fighting this disease.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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