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    My grandmother was recently diagnosed with stage 4 CC with a tumor in her bile duct. She has just started chemotherapy two weeks ago, two sessions down and another scheduled for tomorrow. They have put a stent in to help the drugs pass through and she also has an external tube draining her liver toxins into a bag. I apologize I am unfamiliar with the  proper terms/names for these things as my grandmother has been pretty vague when it comes to explaining everything to me. I know she is scared and doesn’t want any of the family to start thinking negatively about the situation. I will try to be very brief in the back story.

    Everything has happened so fast. My family and I have been aware of her stomach issues for the past 5 months or so, but she had been seeing doctors who were telling her they had no idea what was wrong. Test results weren’t showing anything. About a month ago, my mother was in the nail salon and overheard a conversation between a woman and her nail tech – they were talking about the woman’s daughter in law who had just passed from CC and my mother immediately called my grandmother (her mom) and told her that she needed to look into this.  One week later, we were told that they found the tumor and it was cancerous. Since then it has been a rocky road. My grandmother has been an RN her whole life and the medical staff that has been helping her are all aware of this. They have been GREAT and we are confident that she is getting the best care that she can. They are all working together to make sure that she is comfortable and have been reiterating the fact that she took care of people all her life, so now it is their turn to take care of her.

    She has been in and out of the hospital the last 3 weeks since diagnosis. We haven’t had much good news at all, aside from the fact that her tumor hasn’t grown as of the last scan.

    From the moment she told me that she had cancer, I have been spending all of my spare time researching cannabis treatment options. Being an RN herself, she knows that the morphine they are giving her for pain is not good. She has always been open to the idea of cannabis, and at this point – its not going to hurt to try. She has asked every one of her doctors about cannabis in addition to her normal treatments, and not one of them has advised against it. With that being said, the last couple of weeks I have been giving her cannabis, including Rick Simpson Oil, per her request. We are already seeing small improvements. I will be starting a new thread on this for anyone who is interested in her journey. Thanks for reading.

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