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Intro – Intrahepatic CCA found by coincidence

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    Dear all,


    I would like to introduce myself. I am a woman who is 67 years old. In July 2018, I had severe abdominal pain for a few days and the pain went away by itself. In the beginning of September 2018, I was going to US to stay a couple of months with my daughter and take care of my grandson. As I was getting prepared for my travel in the last week of August, my son strongly suggested me to see a doctor and have a check up before such a long travel. Even if I didn’t have any pain or any other clinical symptoms (jaundice etc.) at that time, I saw a doctor and had an ultrasound of my abdominal. They saw multiple tumors (more than 5 spreaded in both lobes and the largest was about 6 cm) in my liver and requested detailed blood work and CT scan due to very likely metastasis. There was also a cyst near my pancreas (which had been discovered a couple of years ago by coincidence and was not cancerous at that time) and the doctors suspected that I have pancreas cancer with liver mets. I had PET scan and biopsy immediately. The pathology report was saying that it is adenocarcinoma. They checked everything in my abdominal including my stomach, colon, etc. They were very sure about multiple tumors in my liver, they couldn’t identify a specific primary cancer, and there was some suspect regarding the cyst next to the pancreas.


    I cancelled my travel. It was very devastating. The life is changing very quickly. All of a sudden, I found myself to spend most of my time seeing doctors in the hospitals while I was hoping to spend time with my grandson.


    In mid-September 2018, my oncologist immediately started my treatment. It was inoperable and primary unknown with liver mets at that time. I started the Folfirinox regime. I had my worst days in my life. I didn’t believe the treatment will ever work. I had CT scans in every two months. In the first CT scan, the tumors shrank to their half sizes and nothing changed in the cyst near my pancreas. In the second CT scan which was January 2019, there was still some shrinkage (not as the first one though) again no change near the pancreas. After seeing the improvement, my oncologist gave up the idea of pancreatic cancer and started to consider CCA and the possibility of liver resection. I actually had a liver resection on May 5, 2019. There were 3 tumors visible (largest 2 cm) in the CT scan but during the operation they saw 7 tumors (largest 2 cm). I had right hepatectomy and one tumor was taken from the left lobe. The pathology returned that it is indeed intrahepatic CCA. I stayed in the hospital for 5 days. My liver values went normal and went home. After a month, my oncologist told me that I will start low-dose chemo (capecitabine) and will have regular CT scans in every month. In mid-June 2019, I had my first CT scan after the surgery, and they saw two lesions. My doctor thought that it cannot be recurrence in such a short time. The surgeon said that while they saw that the liver was clean after the operation, they cannot see things smaller than 2mm. So possibly there were something not visible and they grew since I was not getting any chemo.


    Right now, they have decided to use RFA in one of the tumors (2 cm) and Cyberknife in the other one (9 mm). I don’t know where these things will go. If any of you have/had similar experiences as me after the liver resection, I would like to hear more about it.


    I just wanted to share my story with you and I am happy to become a member of such a big support group.


    Good luck everyone!



Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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