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    I experienced somewhat of the same issues when my husband passed. Now I decide WHO gets WHAT and WHEN they get it. When I decide, that’s when!

    You should be able to keep your stuff until you are ready! Or else, get a will made, leaving things to whomever you want to!

    Prayers coming your way from Wisconsin!


    AS IF, you don’t have enough going on, Cheryl, you seem to have vulchers flying over head! Know what I would do? I would ORDER them all to bring everything back!!! But that’s me. LOL! Your attitude is just great and I hope you continue to do well for a long, looong time!


    Hello all. Had my chemo yesterday. Am feeling great but it takes me a while to get motivated each day. I skipped chemo for a couple of weeks and began having some discomfort on my right side just under the rib cage. The dr said one of the blood tests showed some growth of something but it should get better now that I have resumed chemo.

    I don’t understand all that and honestly I don’t worry about it. That is his job. I am just going to live. For as long as I can.

    I was told from the beginning that radiation and surgery were not options because of the size and amount of rumors. I believe one is about 7 inches long and about that thick. I take the doctors words for it because they are the specialists. I simply don’t worry about it. It seems to work for me. And I know that I am in God’s hands totally.

    Having family problems more than anything. But ignoring that as best as I can. I cannot solve their problems. And it all happened because I got cancer and was given approx 4 months to live. All my belongings were packed up and put at various houses. And now some of my family are concerned that others are trying to keep my stuff. It is so ridiculous. The jealousy and greed is very disturbing. Sometimes I feel like burning it all.

    Who knows if I have months or years to live. And whose business is it what I do with my things. I have told them this. They want me to feel guilty for not telling each of them what I was going to do before I did it.

    Ah, such is life. And this too shall pass. That is my motto. ;-).

    Take care and will check back later. Good night.



    Cheryl….I am wondering: has a yeast infection in the esophagus been ruled out?
    All my best wishes,


    Hi, Cheryl,
    thanks for your info. I have the same type of intrahepatic CCA that you have.
    Is surgery or resection out of the picture.? If not,then why cannot be resectable?
    did they say how big the tumor is?
    and is it pressed against the diaphragm and that is why you have pain.
    I will seed help to check on the esophagus burning problem by a GI specialist to rule out esophageal varcies ( bleeding);It may related to the portal vein blood pressure as the result of the liver tumor growth.
    Taking medications to help the symptoms is normal for chronic diseases like depression and Gi related problems.
    Please tell us how you do after the next scan .
    God bless.


    I am 56 years old until 02/27/12. I was diagnosed around August 20 and started chemo / gemcitabine (?) on September 16. I get anti-nausea and steroids before the gemzar each treatment, but that is all.

    My home meds include OxyContin twice a day (low dosage), lortab, Percocet, zofran (daytime as it doesnt make me sleepy), phenergan (night), and carafate for the burning in my esophagus. I take other meds as I suffer from depression (years and years), have anxiety, and trouble sleeping.

    My cc is within the bile ducts inside the liver, do intrahepatic. At first they thought it was also in my lymph nodes, but I don’t think that was the case after all.

    It is funny to me that what ultimately led toy diagnosis was severe pain down right side of neck and along arm to shoulder. I was told that was diaphragm pain caused by the cancer.

    I still (most of the time) find it very hard to believe I have cancer. My family is so loving, caring, and doting on me. I let them do it because it makes them feel good. ;-)

    I had my chemo yesterday and the only problem I am having right now is the burning in my esophagus do time for more carafate.

    Thanks to you all for your kindness and responses. I feel like I have an extended family here.

    My favorite thing to say (because it is true) is “I am still feeling the love.”. I hope you all feel it too! Have a blessed day. I know I will.



    Hi, Cheryl,

    if i may,can you please help me to answer a few questions to help us?
    But I will answer your question first.

    1.Normally,depend on your type of tumor rather than the size and your current health status; 6month to 1 year is the normal;more than 1 year is very common and life time on chemo with breaks in between treatment cycle is not uncommon if the chemo still works for you.. The key is depending on your body’s heath,whether your bone marrow can still produce enough all the blood cells to sustain your body’s daily normal function. the following is my question,

    1. How old are you?
    and the date you started chemo?
    2. where is your tumor located? inside the liver or out side in the bile duct?
    3. can you please find out what chemo you are on? Gemzar+cisplatin?
    there are a few chemo drugs that started with a C;like caboplatin,capcitabine,cisplatin,Camtosar .Can you find out for us?

    God bless.


    Hi Cheryl,

    I just passed my 2 year anniversary of my diagnosis and surgery to remove this cancer. I had 6 months of chemo afterward. I feel great and like you, take each take for what it is and live it the best I can.

    I do worry, but try to remind myself that everyday I worry about the future, I lose the day in that day in the present. Easy to say, not as easy to live.

    You’ll find lots of helpful, caring people on this site. It has been a lifesaver for me.

    Here’s to a great 2012 and continued tumor shrinkage for for you Cheryl.



    Cheryl, you are a Saint. By now I would have told anyone who stresses me that it is my Cancer not theirs and if they can’t help me by destressing my life then I will need to take a little time off from them. Sorry, I just don’t have the patience for the drama queens. I hope you have a lovely quiet weekend!


    Hello everyone. Well, yesterday I had a long talk with my mother. I tried to emphasize that I am a grown woman and respectfully do not have to tell anyone anything I do. I still have to talk to my sister. I hate this stuff. Why can’t people just see that I am happy and stay out of my business? I know they only do what they think is in my best interest, but if it causes turmoil and strife among my loved ones, then it is not in my best interest. I really don’t like having to deal with this. But it seems I have no choice. My mom called me yesterday crying and all. I just hate it. But I know that God will help me get it all worked out. I believe He really loves me and whatever happens is for a reason.

    I feel like my body has a sort of numbness about it – physically. It is a weird feeling. And my bronchitis has been lingering for weeks. Other than that and feeling tired so much, I am doing great. Better than a lot of people who don’t even have cancer. So, I am still blessed!



    Hi Cheryl,

    Welcome to the family. You sound like such a sweet person with a great attitude. My daughter is 25 and has CC. Her oncologist always tells her to “Do whatever you want and don’t do anything you don’t want to do.” He always ends that with ” Don’t do any dishes” and believe me she listens to that one. He always thinks he is being so funny. We just let him think he is. Anyway, I am happy you are living by those words and doing what you want. It is your life and tell anyone who disagrees just that. I hope you come and visit often. There are a lot of terrific people here that love to listen. Take care.



    Hi Cheryl,

    Welcome to the site. Sorry that you had to find us all, but so glad that you’ve joined in with us all here as you are in the best place for support and help. And you will get tons of both from us all. And like the others, I’m loving your postitve attitude as well. A positive attitude is such a great thing and it will carry you far.

    Thats great to hear that your chemo has caused some shrinkage, and we love hearing the word shrinkage round here! And like the others have said, please do not pay too much attention to statistics. The chemo that you are on could be Cisplatin and we have many members here who are on that chemo. I love hearing you say that you are focusing on what you can do with your life, so keep on doing that with your family. And of course, enjoy your new car as well!

    I know you say that you don’t have anything particular that you want to talk about right now, but please know that should you want to discuss something specific or have any questions at all then we will all be here for you always. We care and we are here for you, and I am looking forward to hearing more from you. Please let us know how everything goes for you.

    My best wishes to you,



    Cheryl, thank you for telling us about yourself and your grand children. You may not know this yet, but Lainy is very wise and gives great advice. I really only want to add that you seem to have a deep understanding of what life truly means so don’t doubt yourself in what you really want to do if it means that much to you. Your sister and mom are being protective, but they really should honor your wishes. Before my dad passed, we found out he had paid some person’s motorcycle payment at the bank. We think he was approached in the parking lot. We never said anything because it was what he wanted to do. If it truly made my dad happy, it made us happy. It was never about materialistic things with him.

    I certainly think you are doing well! Rest when you need to! Stay positive and enjoy those grand children.



    Cheryl, no one knows ‘when their time’ is close. Live as you are and each day at a time and don’t stress about the other stuff as it uses up your good energy! AND that is what I would say to your Mom and Sister. Just tell them that forever how long you are here, be it a month or 25 years, you cannot waste your energy on stress. Tell them that the best thing they could do for you is to respect what you want and keep the bad vibes away. I think you did a beautiful thing. I know that my Teddy so enjoyed giving his stuff out. No one ever left here without a T Shirt or Jewelry. He felt that while he was living he wanted to see the joy when he gave his ‘gifts’ out.You have a good doctor and a good game plan and I think Mom and Sis are going to have to behave for a long, long time!


    Thank you everyone for giving me words of advice and wisdom. I appreciate it. I do have a great attitude. my doctor is absolutely amazed, my family is amazed; but it just seems so natural to me to have this attitude. I know that God is the only one who knows when I will leave this world. I feel so good about it that I bought a new car the day after Christmas after all I think I deserve it. Yesterday because I felt so poorly I began to wonder if I made a mistake by buying a new car with only a limited time to live because I felt like it was really real.

    I have five natural grandchildren and three step grandchildren they range from 18 years to two years and they are a blessing to me. Yesterday was my two-year-old’s birthday and it was wonderful except I couldn’t stop crying.

    I do not focus on what little time I have but rather focus on what all I can do during the time I have. My family is very supportive and I mean very supportive recently I gave to my best friend who happens to be my first cousin a car that I had I want her to have my sister and mother seem to think that I am not capable of making those decisions and now they have been very hateful to her for taking the car. I have to figure out how to make them understand that the gift was my decision and they need to back off.

    I rarely get angry anymore because I know that life is too short for that. My spirit is sweet and loving. I wish I could pass that on to them. That situation causes me more grief than anything else. Any advice on how to handle that will be appreciated.

    My chemo starts with a “C” but I cannot remember the name of it. My doctor is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. If there were trials going on or anything that would be of benefit to me, he assures me he will let me know but as for now the chemo is doing its job. I trust him implicitly and since I saw several doctors in the hospital who confirmed that I was terminally ill, I do not feel the need to seek other opinions.

    Anyway, I don’t have anything particular to talk about so I just put down what comes to mind I hope that’s okay. Mainly I am curious about what is to come, like what changes will be made or will happen to me and how will I know it’s getting closer?

    Again I’m so glad I found this site and I’ll check in frequently have a great day

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