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    Wow, Jeff – there are not many people around 7 years after their diagnosis. You must be doing some thing right. Your positive attitutude will be a blessing to many here on the website. Thanks for sharing your information and please continue to do so.



    Hi Alison,

    Initially the Mayo Clinic in MN thought only the left lobe of my liver was involved, but during surgery my gal bladder was cancerous and removed as well. At the time, I was told all else appeared okay and that I would be fine. I moved from ND to ME where I was born and raised. About 12 months after surgery CT showed something on the right lobe of my liver. A surgeon from the Maine Medical Center wanted to take and do another resection, but after coordinating with the surgeon and oncology tumor board at Mayo, they felt it was a hemoginoma and surgery was cancelled 3 days before Christmas. Six months later another CT and spots on both lungs. Biopsy proved mets. At that time My Oncologist in ME stated there has been no treatment to date that has cured this type of cancer and it was up to me as he stated it could be months or years, that it’s growth is so individual. I chose quality over quanity. I pressed on tried some special tea, soup, IP-6, I ate wild blueberries and bran flakes and a lot of fish. We then moved to KS as my daughter was having our first grandchild. Was followed by Kansas Cancer center for two years having CT’s done every 3-4 months. Spots continued to grow slowly but surely and Oncologist thought it might be a good time to try something. The last two years I’ve been getting treatment at the VA Medical Center as I’m retired military. I have had no radiation yet and I don’t plan on it. The only thing I’ve done consistently is stay busy, eat daily bran flakes, blueberries and bananas. Also take Multivitamins and minerals. I also take 1mg tablet of clonazepam usually once before bed to ensure I get agood nights sleep; basically slow down my nervous system. I strongly feel the nervous system and adrenalin makes a difference on how quickly it grows. Got to keep calm. In hind sight, I’m sure the cancer had already mets but just could not be seen. If I had maybe done some chemo after surgery would it have helped ? who knows? I pray and do a lot of visualization and listening to healing CDs. Again everyting keeps pointing to restful mind and body that includes nutrients, minerals, and exercise with a lot of bubble baths and aroma candles. I think I have really rambled away! Alison, This cancer reacts so differently on different people that I got my affairs in order years ago and just pressed on with life and learned to live with the big”C”. I’ve had my share of up and downs and all arounds believe me; But Your Mom has to be in control not the big”C”. Again , I’m sorry for rambling. If you have any other questions or doubts about treatments feel free to ask, my modesty went out the window quite a while ago.

    God Bless You and your Mom!

    P.S. I’m going to go read your Mom’s Intro now. Stay in touch if you like. It has been a blessing in disguise just being able to talk openly with people about this challenge of life.


    Hi Jeff,

    First of all, I wish you all the best and pray for your continued progress! I do have a few questions for you. What hospital has been treating you? It sounds like they have been doing a great job. Also, was your cancer metastasized when they preformed the surgeries? Finally, have you had any radiation? Thanks Jeff! My mother was diganosed March 06 at stage IV, so I’m trying to get all the info I can! Her story is in the Introductions too.
    Best of Luck..Alison


    Same as introduction. Sorry I replied to myself. Must be the chemo -brain effect. Ha!


    Hi, My name is Jeff and I have CC. It was discovered March, 1999 stage IV. Have had 2 surgeries. One to remove the left lobe of liver and my gal bladder and the other was one year later for lung biopsy. Biopsy showed positive for mets. I monitored by way of CT Scans for a few years and pressed on with my life. As of two years ago I started Chemotherpy as nodules on lungs were begining to multiply and the tumor that returned to my liver started to enlarge. I’m about to complete my third different regimen of chemo on Wednesday and next week have a CT to see what if anything has changed. I’ve tried many different treatments. Some may have helped to slow down this beast but who knows for sure. My prognosis I’m told is terminal and have 6-12 months. That’s what I was told two years ago. My heart and prayers go out to all of you! I’ve been dealing with this CC for quite a while, so I’m completely open to questions and always looking for new suggestion.

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