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    Oh Dorien I have wondered too!! Gordons tumor was 8.5×6.6 when found in Nov 2012. It is all comfy in there and wrapped around the portal vein and we are not sure about lymph nodes I think one lit up and the chemo hopefully killed it. And it is not any where else in his body…they think he has only had it two years. I guess I would think it would have spread even more during that time…

    And now here he is no chemo and they;re just wanting him to get strong for chemo and it makes me so nervous that nothing is preventing it growing. It did shrink some with chemo. But the doc said he wasn’t worried about growth withiin 8 weeks before surgery.

    So with all that said how is it that this happens to gordon then someone I know has a 2cm tumor and has chemo then goes back and there are tumors all over his liver…..I guess its what is in the tumor maybe that makes the difference??

    Gordon had genetic testing and they found the BRAC 1 in his….MD Anderson thought that was interesting…anyone else heard of carrying that gene?

    I want a cure!!!! for everyone!!!


    and as i sit here…

    i wonder WHY that is?

    what is it about this cancer??

    things i think about …


    very interesting….thanks for all the input so far and for your answers.

    this cancer seems like SUCH a strange beast to me compared to so
    many other cancers that are much more “predictable”.

    we’ve known breast cancer, prostate cancer, testicular cancer and pancreatic
    cancer people -up close and personal- and those kinds of cancer seem
    to follow more along the lines of doing “A B and C” kinda thing
    (as far as predictability and treatment, etc)
    …as opposed to this cancer which seems to skip and jump all over and be about as predictable as well, NOTHING.

    EVERY single person with the exact same cancer here seems to have
    so many reactions and differences ….it sometimes blows my mind
    (just a little)


    My case to, very different. I was misdiagnosed with what they believed a liver hemagioma in 2010. It never was. I have been living with ICC for the last 3 and a half years without knowing just diagnosed a couple weeks ago . The cancer is still confined to the liver but there has been growth to both lobes when initially it was just one. I’m gathering that every person every body and everyone going through and dealing with this awful cancer is such a variety of cases and scenarios.


    I don’t know if I can answer as a general rule, but can absolutely answer it is a fast growing, aggressive cancer in my experience.

    When my wife was diagnosed in mid April with ICC, it was already very involved (multiple tumors within liver including one very large tumor and lymph nodes affected). But three weeks later her pain was so bad we had to admit her to the hospital. The CT scan taken at that time was very different. All existing tumors had grown and new tumors were noted. We ended up canceling a second opinion consult visit because we needed to start chemotherapy right away.



    I have read the same. The surgeon my mom talked to said that this is an aggressive cancer, but I’ve read conflicting things…some say it’s slow growing, others say it is aggressive. I’m wondering which is it, too?


    ok, now that we are 5 months in, I am wondering if anyone can confirm
    this or not.

    I have read and read and read all things CC in the past 5 months since
    my husband was diagnosed.

    I read cholangiocarcinoma is a FAST growing cancer and I’ve read it’s
    a SLOW growing cancer.

    My husband was told he had probably had this growing inside
    of him for 1 1/2 to 2 yrs at the time of diagnosis. That seems slow
    growing to me (but what do i know?)

    So which is it? Fast or slow? I’m super confused even after 5 months
    of this journey.


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