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    we seen the doctor on Wednesday and he has told mum to rest and eat so she can get her strength up and in a month will look into chemo for her. Mum hasn’t been feeling hungry the last few months and is losing weight. I have told her that she must get stronger for the family.

    will update as things happen and thank for all the help.


    Wow!! A very warm welcome to Pamela!! :D

    I wish you & your mum the VERY best of luck with the 2nd opinion. Please come on soon & let us know how you all are.


    I hope the hospital appointment with the second doctor goes well for your mum, and congratulations on the birth of your daughter.

    I wish you and all your family my best wishes.



    Sorry to hear the news about your Mum. Hopefully the second opinion will give you a different (more promising) perspective to it all.

    Congratulations on baby Pamela. I am so glad your Mum was able to be there for her birth. What a special time this is for all of you. Enjoy your little one & let Grandma spoil her all she wants! :)



    Congratulations on the new little girl in your family! What a great Joy! And how wonderful Grandma was able to be right there.
    Also very glad mom is getting a second opinion. I am glad you left the original doctor, I get so angry when I hear a doctor give up! Never give up!!!


    sorry I’ve not been on for a long time. Mum was told by the doctor that she’s got the hospital next week about a second opinion. The doctor also told us that the other doctor told him he has done all it can so will not be doing any more.

    and on a good note the baby was born the 15th October at 2 am and mum was there for the birth. She (mum) was so happy to see her granddaughter. Pamela was/is sooo cute I can’t seem to put her down.


    Your updates are perfect – please keep them coming.

    I’ve seen a few UK residents mention Prof. Lodge. Here is a link to the posting with his contact details: http://www.cholangiocarcinoma.org/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=9


    not sure if it’s ok to keep updating on here but the doctors not ring back yet and I’ve been buzy getting the babys room’s ready. So tomorrow I’ll be ringing to find out what the doctor has found out.


    I loved Prof. Garden at the Edinburgh Royal Hospital. He was a caring and aggressive doctor and the rest of the doctors on the ward were great too.



    Hunter……If the surgeon is considering a resection, you would definitely want to make sure that he has experience with this cancer. A good question to ask: “How many CC patients have you resected.” This is a complex surgery and should be attempted by a qualified surgeon only. I have posted the names of two physicians, in the UK, in a previous postings but, will gladly forward it to you again. Of course, this would be in addition to those surgeons recommended by other members of the UK.
    Your Mom must be looking forward to the birth of your little girl. What a wonderful addition to your life she will be. I am sending all my best wishes your way.


    the doctor ring up and I talked to him for a bit on the phone and he seemed nice. he said that he would looking in the to places yous have said on here but he needed to ring back to okay with mum (she was at the hospice today). finished on the phone to mum and she’s just told me that the (in my eyes bad) doctor with her case has left notes then if the cancer hasn’t moved from the liver that he might operate to remove it. now this same doctor told the family that he couldn’t operate because it was on the bile duct so couldn’t be removed. anyway the doc on the phone told mum he would look into it all tonight for us and get back intouch tomorrow.

    P.S sorry in my other post I said it yesterday was tuesday which is wrong. my head is all over with mum and my wife getting induced the 14 of this month. we are having a little girl who we are naming after mum so it’s keeping her spirits up.


    ok I told mum what yous asked on monday and she told me that she would talk to the doctor at the hospice on tuesday. yesterday (tuesday) mum told me that the doctor wasn’t in so I ring up to talk to her doctor and he’s out all week so that are getting another doctor to ring me today so I’m waiting for him to ring me. will lt you know what he/she says later. and on a said note thank you every for the help an support.


    Melonhead and Ron Smith,

    i found a little bit of info that might help to explain your battle with edema aka swelling. perhaps it will be a bit of help.

    wishing you both relief,
    barb h

    My father, who has throat cancer that has spread to his liver, has severe swelling in his feet. The doctor isn’t encouraging about using diuretics, but I’d like to try. Is there a reason not to?

    Answer by Andrew Putnam
    Andrew Putnam, M.D. is the director of the Palliative Care Program at Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and Georgetown University.
    You can always ask your doctor for a diuretic and see if it works. There’s no serious danger, but it may not do your father much good, and there are some potential side effects.

    Diuretics work well for most kinds of fluid retention because they cause the kidneys to excrete more fluid. But if the cause of the edema is lack of liver function, as appears to be the case with your father, then it’s more complicated than other types of fluid retention. When the liver isn’t functioning well, it isn’t making adequate proteins. Proteins help balance body fluids by sucking fluid out of the tissues and back into the blood serum. In your father’s case, what’s needed is more protein to reduce the swelling in the tissues. Unfortunately, eating more protein won’t help because when you eat animal protein, the body has to break it down into amino acids and then rebuild those into human protein — and it’s this protein-building process that isn’t working.

    A diuretic medication will remove fluid from the veins and arteries and cause it to be excreted by the kidneys, so it


    I’m a bit disappointed that there has been no response to your query about massive swelling in the lower part of the body. I have the same problem that has been ongoing for a few months, but is getting worse. It started with my feet and ankles and has steadily progressed to the genitals. My GP has been prescribing diuretics, increasing the doseage but having little effect. My oncologist thought it may be either a blood clot or the tumour restricting the main vein through the liver, both cases causing fluid not to run freely in (I think) the lymph glands. I had a CT scan to look at this and although there is some restriction, it would not cause the swelling I am experiencing. So I am no further forward!

    It may be coincidence, but I also suffer from fluid on the lung. This causes breathlessness and a really bad cough. Because the lung doesn’t reinflate properly it cannot be repaired permanently when the fluid has been drained. So the lung fills up again within a week or two.

    Any thoughts on the lower swellings will be appreciated.


    Hi DT,

    So pleased you’ve found this site – Katie & Gavin are absolutely right – get your GP onto it ASAP. And if your own GP isn’t helpful, see another one in the practice until you find one that IS helpful. I’m very very lucky with mine, but I know only too well this is not always the case. Keep us posted when you can.

    As you’ll see, the emphasis on this site is FIGHT!

    Best wishes to you & your mum


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