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    Dittoes everyone else said. Jeff has been a hero to me as I have battled this dreadful disease. His willingness to be open and share his experiences has been so helpful to everyone on this board. Valerie, you and Jeff are in my prayers every day, usually several times a day. May God bless you both and give you peace.


    Dearest Valerie, my heart is aching for you. Jeff is a wonderful human being. He has helped me and Teddy through the last 3 years. He has given so much to everyone. How lucky he has been to have you help him through this rocky journey. We all know you very well and you just come on and talk to us when ever you feel the need. Not having gone through this I can only guess at the excruciating pain. Perhaps the time has passed to hold it in. The other day a post mentioned that it is pre-grieving. I once told Jeff your tears were tears of love flowing for him as most people never know in their lifetime the love the 2 of you know so well. We watch daily for some sign of Jeff so thank you for today. Prayers and love to you both.


    Hi Valerie,
    Jeff has been an inspiration and good fiend for 2 1/2 years now, when I first found this site in July 2006. We are all deeply saddened that he is losing his battle and that you and your children are watching him slip away.I just pray that he will not suffer and that you and your family will be comforted to know his battle will finally be coming to an end and he will be at peace.He will have a lot of friends waiting for him in heaven. It is so hard for us to be left behind- my husband is doing well right now but I know our time will come eventually and we’ll have to be as strong as Jeff and you have been. We’re all praying for Jeff and you and wishing you comfort. Mary


    Valerie – I am so sorry….when my Daddy was in Hospice, I would count the second between his breaths. When it got to be 45 seconds, my niece and I would look at each other – is this it? then Daddy would gasp for air. I know exactly what you are saying Teresa – my Daddy passed away January 14, he was only at Hospice 2 nights and it does hurt more than you can ever tell anyone. Stay strong Valerie and cherish every, every moment you have with Jeff, as I know you do.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through this part of the journey. JeffG has helped me so much during my Daddy’s battle for the last 18 months, through Jeff’s posts and comments. I pray for peace and comfort for both of you.

    Smiles through tears,


    Hi Valerie. I did the exact same thing with my sister until she passed January 23rd. You just take care of them the best you can and hope for as much time as you can get. It hurt more than I can ever tell anyone. I spent so many days and nights sleeping next to her at the hospice house…actually it was only 9 straight days and nights but once I got home, every time I woke up I was sure I could see her face. I would watch to make sure she was still breathing…but then it was over. I feel so sorry for you. At the time you can’t imagine anyone else is going through the same thing you are. But there are so many of us.

    And I have found it interesting you are even in the same state as we are. My sister passed at the Kansas City Hospice House.

    God Bless you and your family and I am praying for you.



    Hi , My name is Valerie, Jeff G’s Wife. Why is it so hard so keep the pain and tears under control ? I spend alot of time watching my husband sleep and hope to keep him with me for month to come .I miss him at night ,sleeping in the same bed .I know i should just be grateful. But Ido thank god everyday I have with him .I miss him aready, but he is still he.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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