It WAS a good 61/2 years cancer free!!

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    Sending prayers and lots of hugs your way!! Please let us know what the plan is for your treatment and care. You got this!!



    Real sorry to hear this news from you, real sorry indeed. I so know that this will have hit you like a ton of bricks, again. You are indeed a fighter as everyone else has said to you and I know that you will get the boxing gloves on again to take this on. I so hope that you get some good news at the meeting today and that your team have a plan ready to get to work on dealing with this.

    You know we are here for you.




    Dear Cathy,

    Very sorry to hear this lousy cancer has manifested itself again. Best wishes that you can put it away again quickly for at least another 6 1/2 years.




    I was shocked when I read your post. Not invincible Cathy.!!!!
    I know you will face this with the same determination as when you were first diagnosed. Tomorrow’s meeting with the cancer doctors will start you on whatever treatment they have in mind for you. Right now, I imagine that you feel like a bubble burst……but once you start with a plan, I know you will handle this with the same grace as you have the past 6 and a half years.

    Will you be seeing Dr. Chapman?

    We’re here for you and wish you the best.

    Julie T.


    Cathy…..I am in shock to hear of the recent developments. What an unusual and unexpected recurrence of this cancer. But you are a fighter and will go after this will all your might. Some questions I would ask:
    1. surgery
    2. radiation
    3. genomic testing
    Tons of good wishes are heading your way,



    Sorry to here of this set back. I too have confidence that you will meet this head on and deal with it. Hoping for the best tomorrow. Stay strong, we are all here for you. Let us know how it goes and where things stand.



    Dear Cathy, hard to believe! I guess the up side is that is sounds like it was caught pretty quickly. I will be waiting on pins and needles for your posting tomorrow. I am holding on to the fact of how well you did before and there is no reason not to have a great outcome again. The C word crops up and we just hit it back down again. Put on your pink boxing gloves and get to it!


    I am not sure if I ever thought I would write this statement “it’s back”, I do know I was pretty comfortable being was cancer free.
    I have the usual CC story, I thought I had the flu, which was really a kidney infection, which led to a stent being placed in my ureter, which led to a summer of wearing a urine bag, and then last Monday, routine surgery to fix ureter and remove urine bag stunned my doctor to see the damage to ureter was cancer and Thursday the official diagnose that cholangiocarinoma was in my ureter wall! I am exhausted being made sick by body parts I barely knew exsisted, bile duct, ureter…..
    I have my first “Welcome to the world of cancer” doctor appointment tomorrow. Tomorrow can not come fast enough, or it’s coming way to fast!!


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