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    Hi Formydad!!

    Nice to hear from you again. Thanks for your kind words. I am happy your Dad is doing well and how nice that you will be moving back to be near him. I am happy to hear your Dad’s doctor will be Dr. Zalupski. That is Lauren’s doctor! It took us awhile to warm up to him, probably because he had the difficult task of telling us things we really didn’t want to hear. But, we absolutely adore him now and we can tell he cares so much for Lauren and is doing everything in his power to help her. I think sometimes he takes a deep breath before coming in to the exam room because he knows Lauren and I are going to bombard him with questions. Haha. He always takes the time and answers every one. I hope you all like him too. We go there every three weeks while Lauren is on this chemo and it is always Wed. afternoon. Hope to see you sometime. Take care and God bless all of you.

    Love, -Pam


    YES!!!!! So happy to hear. I’ve been thinking of you guys. We traveled back to MI in August to spend time with family. I went with my dad and mom to U of M for one of his chemo days. He had an appointment with the doctor first that I sat in on but left in tears. It was too real. I needed to experience that though.

    Things are good now. Dad is feeling well and has his 8th round of chemo in beginning of Oct. Dr. F. is happy with the results thus far. His current doctor is leaving in 6 weeks so his new doctor will be Mark M. Zalupski. Since our visit we have decided we are moving back home.

    It’s great about Lauren. She is such a strong lady. She has a wonderful mom too. Stay strong. We’ll be praying.


    Thanks so much Maria, Nancy, and Chrissy.


    HI Pamela,
    I am not on here as much any more. I was just thinking about Lauren for some reason. Imagine how pleased I am to log in and find good news!
    Keep doing what you are doing!
    Chrissy xx


    So glad to read this good news! Much love to you and Lauren. Nancy


    Love right back at you, Pam and Lauren and to everyone on this site and beyond. As our sweet Kris would say: Cancer is a word – not a sentence.


    WOW so happy for you both!!
    Shrinkage is wonderful!! Doesn´t matter if it´s a little or a huge – it´s proof the tumors are dying!!!!!
    Love to both of you!


    Marion, Lainy, Gavin, Susie, Nancy, Tiff, Eli, Randi, Pam, and Lisa,

    Thank you so much for all of your support. You sure know how to make two girls feel loved. We sure do appreciate it.

    AttyGail- It is nice to hear from you and to know you care.

    Betsy- One of these days we have to get together again! Thanks for the support and hope you are feeling good.

    Julia- It is very nice to see you on here. I know it is hard for you, but thanks for the support.

    Liz- With all you are going through and you find the time to congratulate Lauren speaks volumes. I am sending tons of prayers for you and dear Keith.

    Tiff- No talk of surgery. She still has tumors on both sides. This is the amazing thing. Her large tumor started out at 17cm. It is now 9cm. Isn’t that crazy! I just wish those little ones would scram!!

    Thanks again all you wonderful peeps!! We love you!



    I love this news……..prayers are working


    Pam- are they talking surgery soon? Praying!


    Lauren and Pam, I checked a bit earlier and want to see good news. So happy I looked again and u r in the good news section! So happy for u all! A little celebration in order? Maybe a nice dinner out? Hope u have a great weekend!


    Terrific news … so glad to hear !!
    Keeping Lauren in my prayers …. go, shrinkage, go!!!


    So so happy to hear your news. Congrats and here’s to more shrinkage in the future!



    Hi Pam,

    Yay! Great news for you and Lauren, thanks for sharing it with us! Love hearing about shrinkage! Hope that the good news continues for Lauren and also that her feet improve as well.

    Hugs to you both,



    Pam, I’m so happy to hear the good news. Best wishes to you and Lauren.

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