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    Dearest Pam,
    Thinking of you and sending you love. I lost my beloved Jim 22 months and 1 day ago and I just am finding it so very difficult. I hope that your precious memories are giving you comfort. Listen to your mom’s voice inside your heart, it’s there as she is with you.
    THank you for your beautiful post, it is such a comfort to have people who have walked this road and understand.


    Thinking of you! Jan


    Pam – Thank you for your beautiful post – Nancy


    Dearest Pam

    It was 6 months yesterday for us and still it feels like yesterday, you are in my thoughts and prayers, I also really long to hear the sound of my father’s voice – Pam you were one of the people who really helped me through so much, so today, i salute you and your mom. This comes to you with love and in remembrance of your mum who is always at your side.



    Hi Pam, I understand you about the voice. I lost my dad when I was 18 and my mom when I was 41 and it’s their voices that stay clear in my head but I would wish anything to hear them aloud. Anniversaries are hard but also comforting. Your mom is right there with you. It has been 36 years since I lost my dad and 12 for my mom but not a day goes by that I don’t feel their presence. I have many laughs over how much I am turning into my mom! I see her in the mirror every day! Hugs. Nancy


    Dear Pam – Your post brought tears to my eyes. How precious your sentiments are. We have a recorded book from my husband and I loved hearing his voice even if I cried the whole time. We long for those familiar things, like their voice, their smile and their hugs. I am so glad you and your mom shared this special relationship and I am sure that you will do as well with your own kids because you had a great role model and you value that. May each day become easier for you as you cherish your precious memories. I am so glad that you are part of this family, although I agree totally with you and pray for that cure so others don’t have to walk this path. Blessings, Susan


    Dear Pam,

    I know that today will be a tough day for you, but I hope that you will be able to share the day with your family and think back to all the good times and the so fond memories that you all have of your mum. I will be thinking of you and your family today.




    Dear Pam,

    Just to say that I am thinking of you and your family today.

    I was just thinking driving home from work that it will soon be coming up to two years for us since Dad died from cc on the 28th June, what I struggle to get my head around is that at this point two years ago the words cc were not on my radar at all, in fact I had never heard of it……

    Hope that today passes for you and happy memories are shared with your family.




    Dear Pam, it is hard to believe 2 years have gone by. I have a feeling that as beautiful as you write about your Mother, she is thinking the same about you and how lucky she was to have you as her daughter.
    You were very lucky to have that special love shared between daughter and mother. I believe that in Heaven there is no time. There is only the moment. So I believe our loved one’s do not miss us as much as we them. The beauty is that one day, we will meet again and to them, no time will have passed. There is a reason why pain is meant to be part of our journey. It allows us greater depth of feeling which also allows greater heights of joy.


    In a couple of hours it will be two whole years since I lost my Mom to this monster of a disease. I’ve spent the last couple of hours rereading my posts from the night she died and the one I wrote on the one year anniversary of her death.

    I was so fortunate to have this wonderful woman as my Mom. She was an incredible role model. My hope is that I do as well with my son and daughter.

    I’ve tried to take stock of where I am. On the whole I think I’m doing ok and am much farther along the road of grieving. Most days I do ok. I still miss my Mom so very much and would give anything to just hear her voice. I was in Walmart with my daughter the other day and noticed they now have recordable story books. I showed them to my daughter and said I would give anything if I had been able to get Mom to record one of these. We both teared up!

    Reading my posts and the responses to them has humbled me. I stand in awe of the love, wisdom, kindness and sympathy you all share with me and others. We are a remarkable community.

    I’ve sat here and thought about and prayed for all of the loved ones we’ve lost this year…way too many of them…

    My prayer is that we all continue to help each other on this journey. I hope one day we can celebrate a cure so no one will have to travel the path we’ve walked.

    Finally, thank you all. You are all Angels…..my personal ones…..and I treasure each and every one of you.


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