It’s the one year mark !!!!!!!

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    Great news- thank you for sharing!!!! I also hope your posts will inspire people to go for that second opinion.

    Take care,


    Awesome, wonderful, amazing news! Happy One Year!!! Live life and enjoy!


    Brenda, thank you for the kind words, you are making me cry!!
    I am so excited about Kenny, one he is such a kind man and because now he is a face of HOPE!!!
    I love to share my story, and cannot say enough the reason I have story is because of God, 2 strangers and Dr. William Chapman!!
    Love you Brenda and can’t wait to visit again!!


    Yes Julie it is incredable after just having 1 Y-90 treatment and then told that was it no treatment no nothing. Wham Bam. I was just sick to think that there was no hope…no treatment and we all know what that means. I thank God every day. We did get that second opinion and every one diagnosed should get one, two, don’t give up!!!!


    Brenda…..that news is just downright incredible…and so wonderful to hear. Hugs.

    Julie T.


    Brenda…..a big, huge congratulation on the 1 year success of the transplant. Please stay in touch (as time allows) so that we can continue to share in your joy.


    Brenda –
    I am so happy to hear that all is good. I love hearing that kind of news and I bet you both do too.



    Hi Brenda,

    Brilliant news, superb! Well chuffed for you and your husband! As Lainy says, it doesn’t get better than this and it is time to celebrate I would say!!

    My best to you and your husband,



    YIPPEE, Dear Brenda, YIPPEE! What good news and I am over the moon for you and hubby. Doesn’t get any better than this. Good to see you on the site and I am wishing for you to have a fabulous summer! Now am doing cart wheels! YIPPEE


    My husband had his one year check up last wedsday at Barnes and we got the best news ever!!!!!!
    after a day of testing of all kinds we got the news and it was sure welcomed to hear that there is no cancer and every thing was great, only he did have high Potassium which they felt was caused by one of his meds ,Bactrim ss. He has faithfully took all his meds, had weekly blood test and also completed Chemo as a percaution. He looks good and feels good also. I am so thankful to this site for all the information and good wishe. And most of all I am thankful to our Cathy for showing us that we could still have hope. You have all heard Cathy say That and of course she Thanks Dr Chapmen and The Donors
    She was so helpful to us during this horrible time, I can’t thank her enough. We love you Cathy !!!
    I will continue to come here , we all have alot in common.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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