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    Jeff you are a legend.



    Good luck to you. You & your family are in my thoughts & prayers.



    Dear Jeff,

    You are a real inspiration. I will say I paryer for you to Saint Peregrine, as I have been doing for my mom.

    Keep us posted.



    Chin up! Sounds like you have a plan to follow and we will be anxious to hear how the Tarceva works for you. Prayers for you.


    praying for you Jeff..


    Jeff, you are our hero. I’ll be praying for you and your family. You are the bravest person I know.


    Hi Jeff! We just feel so bad that you have to go through all of this KRAP! But as usual you are something else! We love you and will be praying that the Tarceva works. If you go through puberty again with the acne..I tried Lisa’s remedy as did my grandkids of washing your face with baking soda and it really works! If you don’t have acne it makes your face as soft as a baby’s you know what. Take care of yourself and know that we think about you every day!!!


    Hi All,
    I’ll keep this short and sweet . The last couple of weeks and then next couple of weeks: I have had my lung cavity drained, My Morphine increased to 300 MGs per day with 8MG’s of hydromorphone for breaK throuth pain. Two weeks of external 3-D radiation. Xray of ankle, sonogram of right leg due to swelling. My pain in the rib mets has decreased considerabally and the soft tissue tumor closing off my esophagus responded to radiation. I can now eat without choking and hiccupping. Body has been having uncontrolled jerking like mini siezures, awake and while trying to sleep. Has any one ever had uncontrolled jerking of the body? It’s like sticking your finger in to a live electrical outlet. Kinda wierd to say the least. After comletet evaluation from the team of Doctors, starting tomorrow, I will be having MRI to get better /clear picture, then on to spinal decompression and spinal nerve block. Basically been told I could be paralyzed from the chest down if something is not done fairly soon because on the continous pressure on my spinal nerves would kill them and I weould not have any communication due to lost of signal impulses from th big ole brain. Along with this is a nerve block as well, as my body has had all the radiation that it can handle , that’s why the nerve block plus i can’t livie omn Morphine contiunously as my body will not with stand it . After giving practically two years of suggestions and advice, I decided to follow one from a site member and give Tarceva a try. I figured I’ve tried everything else ,why not give it a whirl. I guess my Ct Scan earlier this week got some doctors hopping and they all finally came to the same conclusion. So in a couple weeks after a this ring around the rosy, I’ll be giving you all anothe rupdate hoping to say as is going well. Basically I ‘m kinda on bed rest until things calm down. Actually I feel pretty good with little or no pain right now, but I can feel all the pressure and still having some jerking, but minor really. Well, my wife is keeping an eye on me,as she knows staying on the computor to long creates aggravation for me. So, I’ll say cheerio for now! Hope all is going as well as can be expected for the rest of you. Remember Stay positive and hope is beautiful! The good news is Ct scan showed all other tumors similar in size or stable. So, If I can just get rid of this one pain in the posterior. Did show some fluid returned to the hip area, but that’s expected with all the tramam going on. I can start reducing pain meds again. Knock on Wood! So, Tarceva what has been the primary side effects for most of you? Mu Onco said I should have practically none with the exception of possible bad rash and acne on the face. I told my wife just make believe I’m a pimple head teenager going through that acne phase .Ha! Chat to ya soon . I’m sure I won’t be able to keep off site for two weeks, but if so ,it’s because I’m busy as a bee.

    God Bless You All!
    Jeff G.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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