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    I too am very sorry for your loss. Johnny sounded like a wonderful person, somone I would have liked to meet and talk to. He had such an interesting life and seemed to enjoy every minute of it. It’s hard to understand why his time here was so short but you have memories that will be with you for the rest of your life and he will always be in your heart! Take care, Mary


    Dear Sarah,

    Once again, I am so sorry for your loss. As you said, John will always be guiding you. He will be with you forever in your heart and memories. He is in a better place, no longer suffering or in pain. Know that we are all here for you now as you travel this painful journey of grieving. So many of us here know & understand what you are feeling and going through and the help and support we give to each other is what has given us the strength to go on. One day at a time. Stay in touch and take care.

    Love & Hugs,


    Thank you all for your kind remarks and concerns about my boyfriend John. It is true that he passed away last Friday early in the morning. Life has been a real blur since this happened and I was too upset to come to the website to let people know.

    This website and group of fighters and supporters were a key resource in our fight for John’s life. I believe that he knew that he was not alone in this, and for those who loved and cared for him, it was unbelievably useful to have this place to come to to ask questions and be amongst those who understand.

    My prayers and thoughts are with all of you everyday, those living with CC and those caring for CC patients. It has been a horrendous journey but one that makes our love for one another so very clear.

    John was the light of my life and I believe that he will always be guiding me, just as he did in life.

    Thank you to the entire CC family here, for all that you have gone through and shared with us, for you have lighted the way on this terrible journey, and have shown us how to get through this cancer.


    He accomplished much in his young life, a life truly well lived. My condolences to his family and friends.



    This is very sad, such a young man. My thoughts go out to John’s family and friends.



    Wow. I had also been checking John’s site and was concerned that he wasn’t updating it. Even when Hospice was called he claimed it was not the end – that they were just needed to get the pain under control.
    I really hate this awful disease.


    My heartfelt condolences go out to John’s family & friends. I was concerned when he was no longer posting on his blog after having a considerable amount of problems. It is so sad & so unfair. He was so young and so full of life & hope. After reading through his blog, I realized that he was born on St. Patrick’s Day, the same day as my eldest son, which gave me a special attachment to him. As was said above. This all really sucks!!!!! I hate this cancer and what it has & is doing to so many wonderful people.
    My heart goes out to everyone who knew & loved him.



    I too am sad to hear that John has gone although it had seemed close.I also read his blog and felt such regret that a young guy had to experience such suffering.My condolences to his family Janet


    This guy was hiking around France a year ago. That sucks, cancer sucks, and CC is in class by itself.

    Here’s his obit:


    RIP John


    His blog is on the Blog section on this website.


    From what it written on his mother Nancy’s facebook page, I think this is sadly true.

    I am sorry for this information. He struggled so valiantly and was so real. His mother is absolutely amazing. Sending warm thoughts and sympathy to his family and friends.



    I am so very sorry to know of this. Which blog did you read as I am not able to find it on the CC blog?


    I check his blog every day. I just read that he passed away. I’m very sad.

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