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    Alice, John sounds like such a trooper and with such a desire it’s bound to work for him. I will keep you in my prayers. I’ve seen the devasting fatigue and I felt awfully helpless.
    God Bless


    as always, in my prayers.



    Dear John & Alice,
    Just to let you know I’m rooting for you both with this battle. Stay strong and focused. Prayers……


    Hi Alice and John,

    Wish you the best of luck with this regimen of chemo therapy drugs. I tip my hat to you John. This is one hell of a combination with many side effects. I hope and pray your one of the 5%. It will most likely cause wasting /weight loss my friend so diet is cruicial in my opinion. High protien and and calories, plenty of fluid and don’t stop taking the nausea meds. Get rest but try your hardest to at least walk around the house as much as you can. Have your immodium on hand as well and if need be go back to hospital for rehydration. I know you probally already know all I’ve said ,but John I just had to give you a pep talk and let you know I’m rooting for ya!
    I’m on a trio regimen as well but different drugs except the 5-FU. Remember John we have the right to say when! You definitely earning the Tough Guy Award this month.
    God Bless you Both!
    Jeff G.


    Hi again to all,

    I’m posting under chemotherapy this time becauce John has decided to give it his all and go out fighting. The doctor gave us the hospice talk then told John there was one more treatment he might want to try but the success rate was only about 5%.

    John said 5% was better than no percent. It’s quite a cocktail. First he gets panitmumab for 1-2 hour then 5FU for 1 hour then a 46 hour bottle of Avastin. After the 46 hours they then gave him 2 units of blood. He hasn’t been sick as such just very weak. he won’t eat and sleeps about 16 out of 24 hours. Anyone else had this combo of chemo ?

    July 5th was his birthday, he turned 53. We had family from out of town and all got together for a party. It was great but he was exhausted and slept all day and night Sunday.

    Love to all,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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