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    Hi Jeff,
    I’m glad you had such a great trip! I’m Jealous! We had friends that wanted us to go with them on a cruise around Hawaii this month but we can’t get away in March. I’m busy with my greenhouse plants. I’m still dreaming of Costa Rica this fall though- depending on whether anyone has any money to buy flowers! Ha! They aren’t really an essential item but hopefully people are tired of our long hard winter and will be ready to garden! To answer your question-no. Our Docs have never said anything about diet. In fact I got kind of perturbed at the surgeon originally because he told Tom to go ahead and drink beer and do whatever he wants. I told Tom that was because he thinks you’re going to die and he isn’t going to tell a 59 year old guy with terminal cancer that he can’t drink if he wants to. The truth is Tom never drank hardly at all anyway , just a beer occasionally on a hot summer day. He just liked to have the Doc give me a hard time for not wanting him to drink AT ALL. But as far as I’m concerned I was right and he’s still here and going strong to prove it!We’re just continuing the same diet he’s been doing for almost two years now. I still don’t give him much dairy- just low fat.I can’t get over the idea that he may plug up.
    Congrats on your 9 year success. You are really the inspiration here!! Take care- I’m heading outside. We actually have some sun, a break from all the rain and snow!! Mary


    Mary… I had to pop in and say how happy I am to hear of your hubby’s latest scan. And without the stent! Great progress! It’s like and injection of hope de jure for us all. May your guardian angel continue to give such lovely blessings. Did the doc’s advise any particular diet like low fat and keep some acidity flow going? (Just curious Jeff)

    God Bless,


    Mary, great news about your husband. I know a bit how it feels when you suddenly don’t have the tests that you worry about but that give you some sense of control and comfort…I had a bout of Ovarian cancer and they were watching me closely after they took one side of my tubes and an ovary but then I had another tumor and they did a full hysterectomy. Suddenly they determined that they had removed any potential problems and I no longer needed tests regularly. I wanted those tests! but it’s been almost 3 years and all is ok.

    Please tell your daughter to hang in there…I had 2 miscarriages and was feeling pretty pessimistic about the chances of making it through a pregnancy, and then had my twins without any problems at all. It’s not for everyone, but I’m a gardener and it helped me to plant a rosebush in memory of my losses. I believe someone up there had decided the time wasn’t right and wanted me to wait for the twins..



    Thanks Kris,
    I do appreciate the prayers. You’ll understand when you have kids how much you worry no matter how old they are! I think it almost gets worse because they bring more people into the fold. Grandkids ,etc. It’s my son’s second tour with the Ohio National Guard and even though they have better equipment and training than last time (4 years ago) it’s still a crazy place to be. I’ll be glad when it’s over. As far as our wandering 21 year old, he has been doing crazy things since he was 18. I just keep hoping he’ll settle down and get his college over with.Our daughter lost twins- even though she wasn’t very far along it’s still hard emotionally and physically. She’s young though and healthy and has lots of time. Good luck to you as far as having children. Since things look so much better for you, I hope you are able to go ahead now.They really are worth all the stress and worry!! THe grandkids are what keep my husband going the most I think. He’s very thankful to be around to enjoy them!! Take care and I wish you all the best!


    I am glad my orders worked!!! BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC hugs and congrats to you and your husband. I can only imagine how scary it must be to go down to every 6 months. But here is that ray of hope…I think it was Carol who posted that the doctor said that once you get to the two year mark, the chances of reoccurance greatly diminish. So hold that thought close to your heart.

    I am sorry about your daughter. I am so focused on having children (possibly, someday, if any of my 1 million prayers on the subject are answered) and I cannot imagine what she must be going through. You have shown such strength with your husband, I am sure that you are being a column of support for her now. And dont worry about your son in Peru-those wacky ones that do exciting things, arent really the ones you have to worry about. I do hope your other son comes home safely from Iraq-I dont know what you believe and I am not trying to make you uncomfortable, but he will join a friend and Sue’s son in my nightly prayers. It must be so hard to be a solder’s family.

    Take care and may the good scans and health continue!!!


    Kris said I had to post a new topic in regard to my husband so here it is. He had his latest check-up and MRI and the Doc says he is still in “remission”and everything looks great! They are going to start doing MRI’s every 6 months now instead of three. That kind of worries me. They were checking him inside and out almost every two months with his stent changes and MRIs. Six months will seem like a long time. He doesn’t have a stent now so it almost feels like we’re going cold turkey as far as Dr. visits. It’s kind of scary after almost 2 years of pretty constant routines. Of course he spiked a temp last night and felt generally lousy but I’m hoping it’s just a touch of the flu. I hate to be such a worrier all the time but I tell everyone it’s just what I do! I have a son leaving for Iraq in two weeks for a year, another son climbing mountains somewhere in Peru and my daughter just had a miscarriage and is having some problems. We just look at each other sometimes and shake our heads at how crazy things have gotten but then we are so grateful for all of our blessings!! WE are incredibly lucky. I just have to keep my worrying under control!! Best wishes to all. Mary

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