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    Chase, superb idea! Wish you the best with getting things up and running. Your contribution to the world will be greatly appreciated by a population greater than you can imagine.

    God Bless,
    Jeff G.


    Support is looked-for at any age and especially when being confronted with an illness of a parent, or any other adult in the family. Your offer of hosting a chat line for the younger ones is admirable and is filling a much needed void. Congratulations for coming up with a wonderful idea.
    Much luck.


    Chase –
    Fabulous idea. My daughter, Staci, who will be 15 next month, has been waiting for this. Mike, my husband and Staci’s Dad died on April 27, 2007.
    Thank you for doing this, and may God Bless.

    Joni Craighead


    Great idea Chase,

    I will allow my 2 sons to join. Khalil 12, Sayeed 6. We lost my father, their grand father David Cook Dec 30, 2007. They are missing him so much and it will be good to communicate with others in coping.

    I read of your family blog from the beginning and often and keep you all in my thoughts.

    Hugs and Kisses


    Chase – this is a fantastic idea! There are quite a few kids and young adults affected by this cancer, and I imagine many of them will participate. Your entire family truly is an inspiration.


    Chase – great idea!! When you get it started, I’ll pass the info along to Sarah Elizabeth (17) and Anna Katherine (14). You can see their pictures on Sam’s blog; they miss Sam so much and I am sure Anna Katherine would love to participate. Your Dad was a very special person and so is your Mom; a support group where all of you could share your thoughts and what is happening would be wonderful.
    Betty J.


    I think it is a very good idea (even though I have no children so no one in my family cuold participate). Your family has been so wonderful and giving to all of us and it is apparent that you didnt fall far from the tree.



    This is Chase Clements. My dad is Mark Clements. Some of you may know me through our family blog. I am the second son, and the second oldest. I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone here. My heart goes out to all of you fighting cancer and your loved ones. As you all probably know my dad passed away from cancer just over a year ago.
    Just the other day my mom hosted a live chat, and I got the idea to host my own. It would be somewhat of a support group for other kids. I just turned fourteen and my mom though this might be a good idea. If anyone thinks this sounds like a good idea, please respond and let me know.

    Love to all,

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