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    Thanks Lainy and Claire. I hope your sister is doing ok.


    Hi Lauren,

    My sister has a liver abscess after her aborted resection. An abscesses can happen at surgical wound sites although I’m not sure exactly where your mums are. My sisters abscess was on the left side of her liver. It had been shut down to get the right side of her liver to grow for surgery so that the bit of liver left behind was big enough to function.

    Abscesses can cause someone to be very ill as you know and can be missed before they are eventually diagnosed. My sister ended up with a drain into the abscess and many, many intravenous anti-biotics.

    It will depend where the abscess is on the treatment. Her antibiotics will depend on what bugs are grown from her blood samples.


    Dear Lauren, I am so very sorry to read about your Mother’s turn of events. I am afraid I can’t help on this. I know abcesses can happen with surgery but am dumbfounded on this one. I sure hope they can get it all quickly under control. I hope that plans for her 80th will help mend this bump in the road. I am sure everyone knows by now why this CC is called a roller coaster ride. I am sending my best wishes and please let us know what happens!


    Mom had surgery on March 5th. Everything went so well they even got clean margins. Last month she had a fever we took her to the ER and we were told it was a UTI. After a week of Cipro everything seemed great Davis returned two days after being off the Cipro. Her favors return and she was feeling terrible so they decided to put her on Bactrim. Her blood counts were fairly good her hemoglobin was a bit low but after taking iron it rose to 9. After no fevers she decided to go back home to Florida on April 27. Everything seemed great until two nights ago when she had fever and was so weak that she lost her bowels. In the ER they decided to do a CT scan and they found multiple abdominal abscesses where the surgical sites were.

    I can’t believe that my 79-year-old mother who sailed through a nine hour surgery is now in back in a hospital bed with multiple abscesses, Hemoglobin down to six and blood in her stool. I don’t know how they could’ve missed this and how it got so bad. I’m really worried for her and I hope that she will be able to fight this.

    We just planned her 80th birthday party in two weeks from now my first cousin from Australia is coming in for the event. We decided to ask people that in lieu of gifts that they donate to this organization.

    Has anyone had these series of events Post surgery? I really hope that they don’t have to do surgery I wonder if she’ll be able to handle it.

    This is such a horrible disease.


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