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    Thank you so much for taking the time to update us. That must be an emotional strain on you, too. I hope she’s well enough to come home soon.

    The disappointment is bound to hit hard but it’s clear that no one’s going to give up on Kris & it’s great to hear that the doctors are saying the same.

    My very best wishes to you both.

    Julia x


    Sorry to be so slow on updating you guys, but since I’ve moved into Kris’ hospital room we’re now both a little cut off from the outside world…

    We’ve talked to the doctors a couple of more times. It’s funny that every time they say more or less the same things, but we look so hard for positive answers that the slightest change of tone is noticed, and ascribed a meaning far greater than it can possibly have been intended to have! Although they are not ruling out anything, they have clarified that further surgery would require “a miracle”. Although at the same time, they stress that those do happen… The goal is apparantly now to kill it in its place, rather than to remove it.

    She slept much better last night, and is back on her feet. They gave her some blood and some oxygen gas last night, and this morning they removed her epidural. She’s able to stand up and walk without help now, although still just a few steps.

    And – when there were finally no nurses in the room anymore – we were able to wash her hair and body, and change her panties. Oh, the joy of little things…

    The new plan is to move her to the hospital in our home town, from which she might be released home some time in the week end. That seems very good.

    The thing is though, that with all the comotion, neither her nor I have quite fathomed the meaning of the closing of the surgical option. We keep focusing on the positive, and I guess that’s not a bad thing, but there’s no getting away from that it is a big disappointment. We had focused so much of our hopes on this remote possibility. I wonder when that will really hit us…


    Kris and Hans,

    So sorry to hear about the no go surgery and also hopeful with you that there may be another shot at it in the future. In the dictionary next to “perserverance” is a picture of Kris. I pray that it will pay off for her and something great will happen with treatment.

    My prayers are with you both.




    I only just now saw this post, take good care of our girl and tell her to stop calling you a monkeybutt!



    Kris & Hans
    Best of luck with new treatment plan…………..Gerry


    Snding prayers and love your way. Kris is such an inspiration to so many. Hugs to you both.


    Kris and Hans,
    I just ditto everything everyone else has said above. I hope you get back on your feet asap and they will be able to start radiation. It can really work as Kristin says, so don’t lose hope! Take care. Mary


    Hi Kris and Hans,

    As others so elegantly stated, lots of prayers and hugs coming your way across the ocean.



    Hi Hans,

    Thanks for the update on Kris and I am very glad to hear that the doctors are not giving up on Kris.

    My best wishes to you and Kris,



    Hans and Kris,

    Just a little setback and change in strategy that’s all. Maybe this was meant to be so the surgery (next time) WILL work.

    All my best.



    Hans thank you so much for the update. Where there is Kris…..there is hope!


    Yes, it will keep me busy!!! Seriously though, they will be transfering her back up to her ward about now, and we’re heading over to the hospital. So they will be delivered!


    That’s so encouraging that the doctors are considering radiation. My second surgery had to be be stopped because I was bleeding so much (the tumors are on a major blood vessel) but I was able to have radiation. Since then, the tumors haven’t grown at all in more than three YEARS.

    Are you delivering all our hugs to your wife? That should keep you busy all day! Thank you so much for keeping us updated.



    Kris is still in post-op, but we were allowed in last night, and talked to her again on the phone this morning. She’s awake and well. The doctors are stressing that they are not giving up on her, and that radiation may be the next step. If that works well, even another attempt at surgery isn’t ruled out.

    One bright point is that the surgeons say that in their opinion, the tumor has hardly grown any over the last year. (PET-scans have previously indicated significant growth, but perhaps this may have been only in tumor activity, rather than in size).


    So sad to hear they couldn’t go ahead. Did they manage to mark the tumours for possible radiation as they’d thought?

    You’re all on my mind – I never pray but I have been talking to someone… Hoping you can recover and there are other options.

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