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    Hi Hans,

    Thanks for letting us know what is going on with Kris. My thoughts and prayers will be with all of you tomorrow too. We’ll all be waiting to hear how things have gone. Hoping only for the best.

    Love & Hugs,

    (Monkeybutt???? I’d love to hear the story behind that, too!) :)


    Hans, please know that around the world hundreds (if not thousands) of us are praying for Kris, and her surgeons, and you.

    My qigong master is doing a healing ritual tonight, and I will offer it for Kris.

    May you all be held safe in the Light.



    Hey, Wonderful husband, Hans, thank you so very much for the update especially with all you have on your mind right now. The cutting of the Pancreas and the duodenum is just fine. They had to do that for Teddy’s Whipple. No problem there. Please give Kris hugs and love from Lainy & Teddy!
    Teddy will light a candle at Mass tomorrow morning for God to come through the surgeon’s hands!!! We will be thinking about you and your family!


    Hans, Kris and all of your family!

    All of you will be in my thoughts and prayers tonight and tomorrow. Take good care of our Kris! She is an amazing woman (with an amazing spouse!)

    Hugs to you all!


    Oh…. and MONKEYBUTT??? I can’t wait to hear that story from Kris!


    Kris is a warrior – I have faith in her. I’ll be sure to offer up prayers for both Kris and her surgeons tomorrow.

    Kris – YOU CAN DO IT!!


    I’ll be praying you, Hans, and Kris and her parents.



    Kris and Hans,

    All of my thoughts will be with you tomorrow and I so hope that everything goes well and goes to plan. I will keep everything crossed for you both and a ton of good wishes and positive thoughts are coming your way.

    My very best wishes to you both,



    Hans and Kris…

    OK! Big day tomorrow. I will be at morning mass and will light a candle for you and offer up tons prayers. Can’t wait to hear results…

    Peace to you both,


    The best of luck. Thought and prayers are with you!


    All of my good thoughts, best wishes, fingers crossed, big bear hugs to both of you. You and Kris will both be in many of our thoughts tomorrow. Be assured there are lots of prayers being sent up for good news.

    Take care of our red-haired favorite gal.


    Will be thinking of you all day. My sincere best wishes for success and lets hope the surgeons are on top form!


    Kris has checked into the hospital and met with one more of the surgeons who will be working on her tomorrow. That cleared up a misunderstanding or two.

    They may not be taking too much of the liver as such, and they seem less concerned than we thought about tumor/tumors inside the liver, but because of where the free laying tumor is in relation to where the arteries enter the liver they are going to have to cut and paste quite a bit, and it is reconstructing a functioning blood flow that is liable to cause problems… As for pancreas and duodenum, the tumor is bordering on them, and to be able to cut with a margin they will have to cut chunks of them out too. The re-routing of her intestine and reconnection to the stomach (same thing they did to her a year ago) seems to be just a side effect of the other stuff they have to do.

    The tone of the conference was more positive and hopeful than previous discussions with his colleague.

    They wheel her off to surgery tomorrow at 7.30. Then it will be a long day… They are counting on working till a good bit after six p.m., possibly till midnight. I guess the longer we don’t hear from them, the better!

    She’s been given a single room, and they’ve wheeled in a spare bed, so we can be together tonight like the little love birds we are… Her mom and dad are installed in an apartment we’ve rented for two weeks, just off the hospital grounds. All is going very smoothly.

    Strangely enough we are all feeling rather confident. We have faith, and trust. All the good thoughts and prayers are really felt here! She sends you all her love.

    /Kris (Through Hans)

    (Rather than hacking her account like an abusive husband, this time I thought I’d register an account of my own. It’s likely that I will be updating you all on her progress over the next couple of days.)

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