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    My dear friend & I always tell each other to Just Keep Swimming & I wrote this poem last week. Thought I would post it here for you Cathy and everyone else who needs to JKS!


    Jesus is my floatation device
    When I face the deep blue sea
    It looks so deep, dark & wide
    He says, ‘just keep swimming’ with Me.

    When I’m on the sea with my floaties on
    I am safe and secure in His arms
    I could float on the sea forever
    I can ‘just keep swimming’ with no alarms.

    Sometimes I think I can take them off
    I will try to make it on my own
    All of a sudden I feel like I’m sinking
    I can’t ‘just keep swimming’ alone.

    It seems like I would know by now
    How easy it would be to go down
    Just because of my stubborn pride
    I want to ‘just keep swimming’ around.

    The good news is I can just reach out
    And put them right back on
    They are always right by my side
    I can ‘just keep swimming’ til dawn.

    You may ask why I need this ‘crutch’
    Why do I have this shortcoming?
    Didn’t Dorie stay with Nemo?
    Telling him to ‘just keep swimming‘

    There will be storms ahead
    The waves will carry me
    But if I keep my floaties on
    I can ‘just keep swimming’ with glee!

    So I will keep my floaties on
    My Jesus will swim with me
    He gives me peace in the deep
    I will ‘just keep swimming’ on this sea.

    Pat Morse


    Hi Cathy,

    Thanks for the update and letting us know how your TACE went, great news indeed!! So, another stronger dose of TACE this time and lets hope for even stronger results as well! Good luck with the scan results and for sure, get swimming, enjoy!!




    Cathy….you had good response to the previous treatment one must assume that the latest TACE application will prove to be twice as effective in keeping the tumors at bay. How did you handle laying on your back for several hours?
    You go, Cathy


    Wow, Cathy, you go girl! Swim away. I hope you get the results you want with the next Scan. Please keep us updated on how you are feeling.


    I had written another thread that in mid August I had the TACE procedure done. Took about a week to recover then spent another 3 weeks not seeing doctors. It was actually very scary knowing the volitilaty of this crazy cancer. I had my scan and they showed bone tumors stable (yippee) and some changes to the liver tumor. Now I haven’t had any chemo since the beginning of June which is awesome and scary at the same time but my docs felt another go with a stronger dose of TACE was indicated and would be more beneficial than starting chemo. So I had that last week. Definitely more liver activity this time and fevers spiking real high like 104.3. I tend to get fevers with tumor breakdown but this high kept me in the hospital an extra day. So I’m taking longer to recover this time. So I’m back to the same scenario, scan in now 3 weeks with me paying real close attention to any possible changes of my bone tumors or bile activity. So I’m going to keep on swimming!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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