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    I was feeling a little worried about Lauren only being on Xeloda since she had the allergic reaction to Oxaliplatin. I sent her oncologist, Dr. Zalupski, an e-mail on Friday and he sent one back saying he would call us on Sun. or Mon. He called my husband’s cell on Sunday when Lauren and I were at the grocery store and said he would call back this evening. Lauren and I were both kind of nervous today. I had told him in the e-mail that we never wanted to hear that he had no other options for Lauren. I also thanked him for his expertise, compassion, and wonderful care. I know he cares so much about Lauren and wants to help her. Well, he called back this evening and Lauren answered the phone. He said he could try to desensitize her to the Oxaliplatin, but is afraid of the consequences. Her reaction to the chemo was really bad and he said what if that was just your mild reaction? What if it was life threatening next time? He doesn’t want to risk it. He also said there are many other chemos he could give her, but wants to help her without hurting her. Lauren told him that she trusted him and would continue with his plan. Do you see why we love him! She is going to finish her Xeloda on Wed., take a week off, take another two weeks of Xeloda, and have a CT on Dec. 4. We will take it from there. I am so happy and thankful for such a wonderful doctor for Lauren.


    Thank you for sharing and happy Lauren is ok! My sister has only had about 4 treatments of Gem-Cis so far and has had allergic reactions to other things in the past (not chemo), so this info is helpful. She too, prefers not to read this site, so I’m gaining info to share selectively.
    Cheers, Willow


    Good luck to your Mom, Lauren and thank you , Sharon.


    I am happy Lauren is doing better after such a scary experience. Please keep the good news coming.



    Thanks for posting. I’m sorry Lauren had to go through that! Chemo is bad enough! My mom is supposed to get her 6th oxiliplatin treatment today. I will definitely talk to the onc about that.

    Best wishes,


    Thanks so much for your post. Bob and Nancy! I wrote about Lauren’s experience so anyone else taking Oxaliplatin can watch out for this reaction. I think a reaction can happen with any chemo, but Lauren’s doctor said it is not uncommon for it to happen usually around the 6th or 7th time. It was scary, but I knew we were in the best place if it was going to happen and they have handled many allergic reactions before.

    Lauren did not win at Bingo, but her boyfriend did win $200. Yippee!!

    Since Lauren does not read this site, I will be sure to read your nice post to her. I hope Jeff is doing well. Bless his heart. Take care. You two are just so sweet.

    Love, -Pam


    Wow, Pam. So sorry to hear about Lauren’s bad reaction to the chemo. That is really scary. I am so glad that her skilled medical team was able to provide immediate help to assist her through the horrible reaction.

    Our son, Jeff, is on the same regime – Oxaliplatin and Xeloda. He just finished his first round and tolerated it well, as did Lauren. Jeff starts round 2 this Friday.

    We want to thank you for sharing Lauren’s experience because this information is helpful to us in knowing what to look for down the road. While Lauren’s episode is scarry, it is also encouraging because she was able to make it through the experience “with flying colors” with the help of her medical team. We are so glad to hear that Lauren is now doing well.

    We hope Lauren won at least one BINGO jackpot. If not , hang on to that dauber, she’s bound to win next time.

    Yeah Lauren! Hang in there you guys. You’re in our thoughts and prayers.

    Bob & Nancy
    (Jeff’s Mom & Dad)


    Pamela, my mum would tell you that bingo is a great cure for many things indeed! I hope Lauren won!




    Thanks, Darla. She is out tonight with Giovanni and his Mom playing Bingo!!


    Pam, Just caught this. What a scarey experience for both of you. Glad to hear all is now well and she is feeling great today.

    Love & Hugs,


    Thank you to all of you for your concern. Lauren is feeling great today, but it’s back on the old Xeloda tomorrow.

    Marion- I will ask her onc about desensitizing. Thanks for the article.



    Although focused on ovarian cancer patients this article provides a good overview of platin-drug desensitizing.


    Gosh, Pam, what a shock to you all. I’m glad they flushed her through and settled the reaction down again. You must all be really shaken up.

    I hope Lauren and her wonderful Team are feeling better today.

    Much love to you all


    So sorry Pam. What a scary experience!
    Maybe they can premedicate her prior to infusion?? I would think with a reaction that bad they may either have to try to desensitize her or switch agents. Let us know what they decide.
    I wonder if she gets a break if the next infusion would be as bad??
    That’s so weird that people become allergic to chemo. Common sense leads you to believe if you make it through the first dose, you’re not allergic, but I guess that is obviously not the case.
    Give our best to Lauren.



    Sorry to hear Pam about Lauren’s reaction here to the Oxaliplatin. Not good and no wonder it scared you. It sounds like Lauren has a good team around her when they jumped into action to deal with this. Glad to hear that Lauren is feeling better and I hope that her onc can get to the bottom of this and find a way to continue with it.

    Hugs to you both,


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