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    :D :D :D xxxx


    Pam….I am thrilled to hear that Lauren has made it through this difficult surgery and is now in recovery. Wishing for all to get some rest and that Lauren’s recovery will move forward as quickly as one can hope for.
    Hugs and a sigh of relieve on this end.


    Croberts, I just wanted to wish you the best luck in the world for tomorrow’s Chemo.
    Hope Hubby does real well and that good things are going to be popping up for him!


    Willow – Thank you so much for answering. Whether it is common or not it makes me feel better to know it has happened. Now I can go to sleep tonight and be thinking maybe it will happen for my husband:). We start chemo tomorrow. First treatment. We are praying hard. Carrie


    Pam and Lauren… XOX!

    Carrie, though not common, I’ve definitely read of people on this site becoming eligible for surgery after chemo kills cancer in lymph nodes but I can’t tell you who. Somtimes lymph node tumors die faster (are more sensitive to the chemo) than tumors in liver and vice versa…so variable! And the kind of chemo that works for one may not for another. Tiff has had good luck with GTX though my sisters onc says its “very strong” and doesn’t think my sis can withstand side effects like severely depleted platelets for one. Hope this helps.


    Pamela – I am so excited for you and your daughter. What fabulous news. Do you mind if I ask a few questions? Did your daughter have any cancer in her lymph nodes? I don’t think so because I have looked back at your previous posts, but I am just curious. My husband does and I just don’t know if the chemo ever kills this cancer. Meaning will chemo alone get it out of his lymph nodes? I know that no one has the answer, but I guess I mean does it EVER happen? I know that you are tired and I don’t want to bother you too much. I am going to also post a general question about this, but you seem so helpful so I thought I would go straight to you:). I hope that Lauren’s recovery goes just perfectly. My prayers are with you and your daughter. Carrie


    Dear Pam and Lauren, BRING on the WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am happy, thrillled, elated, walking on air and emotionally charged! No questions as the most important one has been answered. Get some well deserved rest. I am so pumped not sure I can sleep tonight. Love to you all, it’s like all the Good and Fun Holidays are rolled into one big May bash! Can you tell how hard I am trying to express my happiness and words just don’t fit! And to Dr. Sonnenday a standing ovation.



    So happy for you and Lauren. I hope you can get some rest now.


    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry to take so long to let you know how Lauren is doing. The answer is GREAT!!!!!! Prayers have definitely been answered and miracles have taken place!! I am sitting in the ICU as Lauren rests comfortably. We were up at 3:30am. We were at the hospital at 5:45. Lauren’s surgery was scheduled for 7:30. They started her surgery at 8:37 and it wasn’t over until 3:45. They resected the right side and had to fix a few things that weren’t exactly right. We were told it was a very, very difficult surgery. Lauren had to have 8 units of blood. The surgical fellow said it was the most technically difficult surgery he had ever assisted in. Thank God for the brilliance of Dr. Sonnenday. He gave her the best gift: a chance to live. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. Right now I am pretty much emotionally and physically drained. But, I had to let all of you know that Lauren is doing well and hopefully on the road to a full recovery. Thanks for all of your prayers and support.


Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)
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