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    Don’t forget “Fighting Cancer One Bite At A Time” and Kris Carr’s website…all have delicious recipe…the first one has for every stage..pre-chemo, during chemo and rebuilding. It’s fabulous….


    Thanx for the reminder about that site Jen! I made the turkey taco wraps (I used tortillas not lettuce) and they were absolutely delicious!

    Another site that I like for recipes of the lighter kind is and I could go on and on about recipes etc.

    One other site that I used while I was doing chemo was this one: They had a great smoothie recipe that I made everyday I had chemo.

    Ok, now I have to have something to eat!!



    Hi Jen,

    Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the website. I will check it out. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes too. You go have that big snack and I wish you all the best with the new baby.



    Jen, so good to see your smiling face and it sounds like you are doing quite well. Kisses to the little big Sister to be and stay well, we love hearing from you.


    Well this is one post that sure makes a pregnant lady hungry!! Pam, my favourite recipe website in the world is Delicious and healthy homemade recipes that list the calories, fat and everyrhig else. Some very decadent recipes that have been modified to make them healthier.

    On a much more important note, I am beyond thrilled to hear the news…. I’ll continue praying for Lauren and have faith the surgeries will be a complete success!

    This is my last day of a two week California vacation, so excuse me while I go make myself a snack (and NOT of the fruit variety)!!!

    Thinking of you all!!



    English muffins are the easiest things to make. You just have to have a little time because they have to rest and rise for a total of about an hour. But actually making the dough is easy peasy! And it made 18 of ’em!

    Sounds like you have a lot of sweet memories!


    U Make English Muffins? My Sis is coming to visit March 3rd and we are originally from Kansas City Mo and I just ordered English Muffins from Wolfermans. They had the first cafeteria on the Plaza and the first English Muffins. I wanted to give her a taste of KCMO so I got that then my Dad had a Candy Store between the big Theaters downtown KCMO for years and he taught a man on the Plaza to make Caramelcorn. That place is called Topseys and our favoerite flavor is Cinnamon. Well I ordered a big can of that. YUMMO and Memories. I worked in the Candy store from the time I was 10 and yes I learned to give change and weigh nuts and put faces on suckers! One might say I had a sweet childhood!


    I found a yummy and easy ground turkey meatloaf. Here’s the link:

    Each serving is only 142 calories and it was really good.
    Also, I made English Muffins today! So easy and really yummy and definitely lower in sodium then the ones you buy.

    Follow me on pinterest, I post lots of healthier recipes there.

    I could talk food for hours … you’ve unleashed the food talker in me!!


    Randi….yes Orinchini is Italian Rice Balls. YUMMO And yes my soup is a quick and healthy vesion of Jewish Cabbage Borcht. If you wanted you could throw in some brisket! I am in to comfort food lately and all of this fits the bill. Now we still need a healthyh recipe for SauerKraut Balls.


    Randi- I love sauerkraut on hot dogs too, with some mustard. Mmmm, sauerkraut and pickles sounds good. Sounds like something you’d eat when you had pregnancy cravings.

    Lainy- I will definitely make the cabbage soup. Seems to me a long time ago I was on the cabbage soup diet. I drink V-8 every day, but since trying to eat healthy, I drink the low sodium version. Tasted bad at first, but I am used to it now.


    Ah, sauerkraut! Love it, zero calories. Used to have it on hot dogs when I ate them. or just with sour pickles (I know, sounds gross).

    This sounds like orincini (sp?) I think it’s pronounced Or-en-chiny. It’s Italian, has no sauerkraut and is just as fattening!

    Lainy: Your recipe sounds like cheaters version of my Jewish cabbage soup. I like it!

    So now looking at this with a non-US view, hot dogs and sauerkraut sounds pretty gross. :)


    Pam, I LOVE Sauerkraut or cabbage coooked any which way. Here is a recipe I made up that you girls may like.

    Tomato Cabbage Soup

    1 Bottle V 8 juice, any one you favor.
    One head of cabbage sliced any way you like.
    Salt, Pepper, Brown Sugar, Lemon Juice to taste.

    Let simmer until cabbage is tender.


    This is just cracking me up!! Sauerkraut is a German food. It is fermented cabbage. It is really sour, salty and good. I know it sounds terrible, but it has a great taste. We don’t make it ourselves. It comes in a jar, can, or plastic bag. A lot of people eat it with pork and it is the food a lot of Americans eat on New Year’s Day for good luck. It is kind of stinky when it is cooking. Most people either really love it or absolutely hate it. Remember, Gavin – No question is a dumb question. We all come from different parts of the world and I think it is so cool that we learn about each other’s cultures.

    Lainy- The deep frying is what makes it bad. Maybe a baked version? I am very impressed by your use of the word “deconstruct.”

    Marion- We didn’t even order any so Lisa did not get one. It was a sad day.Haha!!!


    Okay, I gotta jump in here with what will no doubt be the dumbest question of the year so far……….

    What is Sauerkraut????? lol!

    We don’t have that here in Scotland! But I hear words such as deep fried, sausage, ham and I know that even though I don’t have a clue what Sauerkraut is I know that I’m gonna like it! :)

    And deconstructing it Lainy! Very modern indeed! I watch the cooking programs as well! :)


    Pam, sounds like the Polish version of an Italian Rice Ball……in a way. I thought Saurkraut was healthy, must be the bread crumbs and the frying. So perhaps one of our ingenious members can deconstruct this and make a healthy recipe. OK…so I watch the cooking shows, how else would I know the word deconstruct?

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